5 PK Colostrum Bundle

5 PK Colostrum Bundle

5 quarts
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As per Florida Law, Not For Human Consumption, For Live Stock Only.

Save $2 per quart when you buy a bundle of 5 quarts, a total savings of $10!

Colostrum is the first milk after a calf is born.  A cow will give colostrum up to one week after giving birth. 
Newborns have immature digestive and immune systems, so the enzymes, antibodies, and growth factors colostrum provides promote growth and fight disease. It has become a popular nutritional supplement because
it is a rich source of enzymes, antibodies, and growth factors not found in other dairy products.

To read more about the health benefits of colostrum go here: http://www.wellwisdom.com/benefits-of-colostrum-supplement/.  The colostrum that we sell is frozen which may damage a small percentage of the enzymes but it is still much more desirable than the highly processed supplements that you find in pill form.  We have many
customers that buy our colostrum and have had great results using it.