Elephant Brand 3 Legged Milk Stool

Elephant Brand 3 Legged Milk Stool

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Hurricanes, lightning and beavers have taken down many trees on our Little River Organic acres over the past years so we started to turn out some very handsome and heavy stools and coffee tables. We cut thick live oak rounds and planks from sadly fallen trees and air dried them slowly in our barns. Then we turned sturdy legs of chestnut to support these weighty table tops to craft some awesome pieces, perfect deep grained chunks of the forest coated in durable hand rubbed satin urethane.

3 legged milk stools with fascinating growth rings and "live edge" to show that it was once a tree, weighing apprx 50lbs...each strong enough to support your pick up truck or pet elephant...solid statements for home or office.

Pick a style and we can forward pictures of exact pieces to choose from.

Contact Randall.... m6256@windstream.net