Terms of Service

For Cypress Consultants (Full Circle Farm) - https://fullcirclerealfoods.com

Delivery Service Terms 

Help the Delivery Team reach their goal of 100% delivery excellence by doing the following:

Shared Responsibility of:

Dependability > ensure you have received an email Order Confirmation. 
               Read your Order Confirmation for any changes to your order, time, or location.

> arrive for pick up before or at the time generated in your Order Confirmation

Accuracy > confirm that what you received is exactly what you ordered. 


Ensure your mobile phone number is the primary number on your online account.

Ensure the name of the person on the account is the one picking up the order.
    If someone other than the account holder is picking up your order, their name and cell phone number must be provided at the time the order is made. 
    Provide them a copy of this Delivery Service Agreement. 
    Forward or provide them a copy of your Order Confirmation. 

On the day of delivery, direct any questions regarding delivery or pick up of your order to Barry Durmaz and his delivery team by phone or by text at 386-209-3312.

Efficiency & Orderliness

If paying by check, please have your check made out before approaching the delivery team, payable to Cypress Consultants. Your Total Due is on the Order Confirmation. 

If returning empty egg cartons, open them and stack them.

If returning plastic containers, have them stacked with lids stacked separately. 

If returning glass jars, place them in a plastic bag or double-bagged paper sack.

Thank you for working with us in peaceful productivity in delivering you farm-fresh, nutrient-dense foods!