Embracing the inconsistencies in life with unique limited edition creations of lacto fermented vegetables and condiments using lacto fermentation. Because we try to use local and seasonal produce, natural variations occur due to the nature of the vegetables at a given time of year. Always organic. “Ferments” or “Cultures”: are locally produced using organic ingredients, locally sourced and grown when possible, filtered water and ‘real salt’ a high mineral salt, and wild grape leaves. Because of the variations in seasons and sources of vegetables no two batches are alike…limited editions! So, enjoy each version for its individual personality! Substitutions may be necessary depending upon availability. These products are a good source for a wide range of digestion friendly probiotcs and the fermentation process makes them nutritionally superior, even to raw! They can be used as an accompaniment to meals; 2 tablespoons a meal provides ample benefits and can also used as an ingredient in prepared foods such as hummus, salads and dressings, and are great as a component in sandwiches. When finished be sure to drink the juice in the jar as well! Good alone, it too can be taken as digestive before a meal, supplying the body with useful enzymes for digestion. Please return the jars if not needed. Kombucha: Locally handcrafted in small batches. Flavored carefully and thoughtfully with unique and healthful ingredients. Organic teas, organic evaporated cane sugar or raw honey and flavors are used. The kombucha is fermented in glass. Kombucha is a fermented tea using a fungus (sounds scary, it’s a perfectly safe one, also know as a scoby: a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) that converts the sugar and tannins into digestion and liver friendly beneficial acids & bacteria. It is reported to be a useful aid for detoxification. Please return the bottle to be sanitized and reused. Breads: all ingredients are organic, All breads use sprouted grains, that have been dehydrated and ground to coarse flour.* with the exception of the organic and freshly ground millet rice flour that is used, leavened with a sourdough starter, filtered water, water kefir and grains, high mineral salt. *may contain milk kefir as well.

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