We now have a new farm partner in the Tallahassee area. They do 100% grass-fed beef. Like us this farm focuses on healing the land with regenerative practices, in the vein of Joel Salatin, using rotational grazing in a Silvopasture system. Silvopasture is the growing of trees widely spaced throughout a grazing pasture, which creates shade for cattle and a more diverse ecosystem of forage-types, birds and wild-life. Rotational grazing is the practice of moving cattle daily to fresh pasture, which provides a rest for grass-plant regrowth, spreads out fertility from manure and urine, and minimizes any cattle health issues by moving them off of yesterdays bathroom area, and onto today's salad-bar. 

In fall of 2017 we started purchasing finished steak-quality cows from them and are having them processed at our regular butcher. So we will be selling their ground beef, steaks, and beef-organs in our regular sizing and regular plastic vacuum sealed packaging

Our own herd at Full Circle Farm is focused primarily on Dairy production, with only a few beef animals which are not enough for continuous supply of beef. That is why we seek out other top quality 100% grass-fed beef suppliers for your dinner table. This also provides you with an opportunity to get food from a different soil with a different soil nutrient profile. We believe it is good to eat foods from many different farms and locations, and to partner with other farms in our journey to heal the land.