We have the following opportunities available at Full Circle Farm.  If you are interested please send us an email at, to request additional information. 


Intern/Apprentice/ School: We are always looking for individuals who are eager to learn more about beyond-organic, sustainable farming.  Each person or family who inquires will be taken into consideration as separate entities and if we feel has potential we will invite to come for a few days visit/try out.  After this 2 or 3 day visit we will meet as a family and decide on further action.  We no longer pay stipend or offer free housing or food as we did at one point and may charge a fee for the school.  A six month minimum time is required unless special exemption is needed, for good reason.  While in our school you would need to live on (or near) the farm and work 4 days per week, minimum, preferably 6.  The individual/family would learn all the in's and out's of the farm (cows, pigs, chickens, goats, etc.). Once the internship/school is complete, an opportunity to build your own enterprise would be available for the right person.  We have many opportunities for growth on this farm.  On farm housing is available at different costs, depending on what you choose.  Dinner is provided on work days. 

We are also open to 2 or 3 day visits/schools or 1-2 week schools.  We can provide transportation to and from airport and provide food and board for these all for a fee. Contact us with your ideas and we can tailor a gig for your specific needs.