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Farm News

July 18, 2017
Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts, I saw the below in another farm's letter and chose to run it exactly as it was written: Plentiful rain and the warm sunshine is growing a lot of grass. The volume of feed on the farm is just past its annual peak. The deer hide their fawns in the tall grass so when we are out there moving the cattle we’re surprised at who all has occupancy of the fields. The red winged blackbirds, like many other birds, nest in the grass or on thistle stems. Because of the productivity of the fields in our managed grazing, the abundance of the habitat is there and wildlife thrives. Our farm is a huge filter for the rainfall. The run off coming off our farm, in the rare times that water does run off, is clear. We are not muddying any streams and there is no glyphosate, no chemicals polluting the Chesapeake Bay or its tributaries from our farm. Imagine a landscape like this if we could convince our neighbors to husband their fields responsibly. The clean air. The clean water. The happy animals. The healthy people.

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Black Berry Water Kefir

$6.50/ea (1 quart)
Black Berry Water Kefir

Chicken Broth-Eden Non-GMO

$12.00/ea (32 oz container)
Chicken Broth-Eden Non-GMO


July 12, 2017
Get your family ready for Taco Tuesdays and make them at home! Made with all fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients, these are tacos that you can feel good about serving your family! Feel free to change things up a bit, this recipe is only a suggestion. Have fun with it and get the kids involved in making them. They are more likely to eat what they created! Enjoy!

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July 11, 2017
These Hawaiian sliders will be the hit at your next backyard BBQ! Serve with fresh fruit and potato salad for a treat that is sure to please even the little ones!

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