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Farm News

December 7, 2016
Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts! The question has come up Re: the price of our milk and what will it be when we become 100% A-2. Will it be $14 a gallon, $12/gallon or somewhere in-bNew Postetween? The complete answer is we are not sure yet. Costs are rising across the board, not every single cost but most of them. My hope is that we can work with someone who has really good pastured milk that is worth selling as a cheaper option but we do not have this yet. We had this before and then it ended for reasons beyond our control. We would like to do this but have to have the right connection/relationship/trust to make it work. Not having rain for 8 weeks straight here does not decrease costs in any way but, "this too shall pass", as Mama used to say.

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Turkey, Small


March 2, 2016

With the combination of pork and beef this Hispanic meal is taken to a new level!

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