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Farm News

January 10, 2017
Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts! We have survived 9 weeks of no rain and the rains are coming again, thankfully. With our almost 3% organic matter soils, we do not dry up and blow away like some, but we did burn thru our stockpile faster than usual and are feeding more hay than I like. Luckily we have a guy making chemical free, quality hay only 9 miles from the farm. We did get our winter rye planted when the first rain came a few weeks ago and it is coming on strong now. The peas in summer do fix some nitrogen in the soil that makes the rye grow better. So we will soon be grazing this amazing green again and the color will return in the milk. Quantity of milk will return, too, but for now we remain pretty limited in fresh cream.

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Sweet Potatoes, 40lb box


March 2, 2016

With the combination of pork and beef this Hispanic meal is taken to a new level!

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