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Farm News

April 2, 2018
Hello Small Farm Enthusiasts, Duck Wonderful: Our budding duck whisperer (11 year old Stella) is learning the challenges of having her own enterprise: duck eggs. She bought 15 Khaki Campbell ducks that she raised from chicks. Her diligence paid off as she did not loose one duck until winter came along. Predators become more desperate for food and she ended up losing 7 ducks this winter after not having any loss for over 4 months. It was a hard lesson but one we all learned from. Finally, after 6 months,

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Duck Eggs - 1/2 dozen

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Duck Eggs - 1/2 dozen

Sheep's Milk, Frozen

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Sheep's Milk, Frozen


July 26, 2017
Alicia discovered this recipe when looking for a different way to roast a chicken. It was definitely a keeper for its simplicity and flavorful results. The skin is deliciously crispy and the vegetables taste wonderful with the chicken.

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July 3, 2017
Compliments abound at Full Circle Farm whenever we make a Boston Butt this way. When we tell are guests that the only seasoning is salt and pepper they are astonished. The flavor is in the meat! If you want a simple recipe that only takes 5 minutes to prepare, this is it! This recipe takes 5-6 hours to cook, so prepare ahead of time. 1 Boston Butt Course Salt Ground Pepper

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