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Farm News

August 15, 2017
Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts, Bologna is back, the good stuff without all the preservatives and other yucky stuff they put in processed meat. The only ingredients are: 100% grass fed beef, Rapadura sugar, water, Redmond Salt, Black Pepper, Cloves, Coriander, Mace. Let me tell you the story of how it all began.

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Hot Dog/ Not Dog Relish

$9.00/ea (16oz Mason Jar)
Hot Dog/ Not Dog Relish

Beef Bologna

$10.00/ea (1lb package)
Beef Bologna

Chicken Broth-Eden Non-GMO

$12.00/ea (32 oz container)
Chicken Broth-Eden Non-GMO


August 10, 2017
This recipe is great if you want to beat the summer heat or if you just want a cold treat that is packed with flavor! Mix in ingredients below or ingredients of your choice, freeze and enjoy!

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July 12, 2017
Get your family ready for Taco Tuesdays and make them at home! Made with all fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients, these are tacos that you can feel good about serving your family! Feel free to change things up a bit, this recipe is only a suggestion. Have fun with it and get the kids involved in making them. They are more likely to eat what they created! Enjoy!

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