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Farm News

March 11, 2017
Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts, Alicia and I have been married for 16 years, today. Now that we have experienced the ups and downs of many years of trying to become "one" we realize what a feat it actually is. A lifelong challenge and a constant balancing act, as well as a communication skills builder, marriage will help you grow and become a better person if you commit to it. We have a ways to go before we have a perfect marriage but we are committed and we, as well as our children, our community and society will be all the better for it. Not to mention, neither one of us would be farming if we did not have each other. So, we are both thankful for the years we have built together, the 6 children we are raising and for the opportunity to serve others through regenerative farming. They say that 2 is better than one and that has been true for us!

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March 2, 2016

With the combination of pork and beef this Hispanic meal is taken to a new level!

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