We would like to introduce you to our wonderful delivery crew: Barry and his daughters, Victoria and Joy, and his son, Josiah. They live right next door to us and they along with the rest of their family have been a huge asset to our farm.  We met them through www.westonaprice.org.  Their oldest daughter, Victoria, apprenticed with us and worked with us part-time.  As a family, they grow some of the veggies we sell on our website and hope to make bread and other products to share with you.   We value them for their dependability, consistency and hard work and for their desire to eat foods the way God intended.   They drive a big, white van so look for that at your delivery location.

For those of you who pick up in St. Petersburg, your delivery person is Becky, who also happens to be Alicia's mom.  She is quietly diligent and we appreciate all her hard work in driving to Tampa to pick up orders for our customers in St. Pete.  

For those who pick up in Bradenton, you will have the privilege of working with Jean of Creative Cultures.  She drives from her home in Bradenton to meet our truck in Brandon where she picks up your order and drives back south to meet you at our Bradenton pick up location.  She also makes the delicious kombucha that we sell along with a myriad of other "creative" ferments that you can purchase from our website.  

Delivery/Handling Fees: 

1. Each order comes with a handling and delivery fee unless you pick it up at our farm.  

2. The handling fee pays for the time it takes to weigh, pack and load each order and also for the cost of coolers, packing supplies, etc..  

3. The delivery fee is based on the weight of the order and the distance traveled.

4. The handling fee is $3 per order, regardless of location or amount.

5. The delivery fee is calculated as follows based on the total weight of the order: 

  • Jacksonville Locations: $0.30/lb. 
  • Gainesville Locations: $0.30/lb. 
  • High Springs: $0.30/lb. 
  • Ocala: $0.30/lb. 
  • Dade City: $0.35/lb. 
  • Tampa: $0.35/lb. 
  • Clearwater: $0.45/lb. 
  • St. Pete: $0.45/lb. 
  • Brandon/Seffner: $0.35/lb. 
  • Bradenton: $0.45/lb.