We would like to introduce you to our wonderful delivery crew:  Lily, Caroline and Stella, our three oldest daughters.  You will not meet all of them at one time, normally, as they rotate.  It is a nice chance to connect with our farm by meeting our daughters who do much of the work and produce many of the products that you buy!  Lily is the keeper of all the goats so if you buy any goat products she is the master behind those.  Caroline is the owner of our egg operation and she is also in charge of raising and stewarding our meat birds.  Stella is in charge of moving our forest fed pigs from pasture to pasture.  She also feeds and waters them daily and moves them about every 4 to 5 days.  Look for our big white van, pulling a trailer with freezers on it! 

If you pick up your order in Sarasota you will meet Kelly Pratt in the parking lot of the Circadian Wellness Clinic.  She meets our truck in Brandon to pick up your orders and then drives back to Sarasota.  She has been a customer for over 15 years!  Her and her husband are the owners of Beagle Bay, the makers of delicious fermented foods such as the sauerkraut that we offer on our website.  She and her husband have worked with us in different ways throughout the years and we are so thankful to have Kelly providing this great service to our customers in Sarasota!

For those who pick up in Bradenton, you will have the privilege of working with Rod.  He drives from his home in Bradenton to meet our truck in Brandon where he picks up your order and drives back south to meet you at our Bradenton pick up location.  He is very thorough and organized and cares very much for you and your order.  He has been our customer for several years and was willing to step up to the job of "Bradenton Delivery Person", when Jean, our previous delivery person was no longer available.  He has been with us for a couple of years now.   

Delivery/Handling Fees: 

1. Each order comes with a handling and delivery fee unless you pick it up at our farm.  

2. The handling fee pays for the time it takes to weigh, pack and load each order and also for the cost of coolers, packing supplies, etc..  

3. The delivery fee is based on the weight of the order and the distance traveled.

4. The handling fee is $3 per order, regardless of location or amount.

5. The delivery fee is calculated as follows based on the total weight of the order: 

  • Jacksonville Locations: $0.45/lb.
  • Macclenny: $0.40/lb
  • Tallahassee/Monticello: $0.45/lb
  • Gainesville: $0.40/lb.
  • Gainesville Fridge: $0.50/lb
  • High Springs: $0.40/lb. 
  • Ocala: $0.45/lb. 
  • Brooksville: $0.45/lb. 
  • Tampa: $0.45/lb.
  • Largo: $0.50/lb
  • Clearwater: $0.50/lb. 
  • Brandon/Seffner: $0.45/lb. 
  • Bradenton: $0.50/lb.
  • Sarasota: $0.50/lb
  • Sarasota: $0.50/lb