10 PK Whole Chicken Red Broiler-FCF Non-GMO Bundle

10 PK Whole Chicken Red Broiler-FCF Non-GMO Bundle

10 chickens, 3-5lbs each
$5.35/lb. Avg. 45 lb.
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Save $0.40/lb when you purchase Red Broilers in bundles of 10. 

Our children, Caroline and Daniel, raise these birds from start to finish.  They were fed non-gmo certified chicken feed but were completely free to range on pasture.  These chickens were not in a small movable pen but in a large, open hoop house that we moved 2x/day.  

These birds are different from the typical cornish-cross meat birds that have been bred for extra large breasts and super fast growth.  The red broilers are crossed with Rhode Island Red, an egg laying chicken and Cornish-cross.  This means they grow more slowly, have more energy to graze and chase after bugs, and, overall, behave like a chicken should.  Because they grow more slowly and do not have such a large breast in comparison to the rest of their body, they get around much easier and eat a lot more grass and bugs.  We feel that this makes them a much healthier chicken and more tasty too! 

DISCLAIMER: All of our poultry products are harvested, processed and sold under a State of Florida animal feed license because we process on the farm and not a USDA inspected facility. This requires us to label everything as "Animal Feed Only-Not For Human Consumption". As such we cannot tell you that you can consume these products or how to cook them or give you recipes. Thank you for understanding as this is currently the way of things.