50 PK Ground Beef, 2lb Bundle

50 PK Ground Beef, 2lb Bundle

50 x 2lb packs = 100 lbs
$8.00/lb. Avg. 100 lb.
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Per Florida Law this is sold as "Not for Human Consumption, Pet Food Only"

Save $1.00 off per pound when you purchase a 100lb bundle of ground beef, a total savings of $100!

This is 100% grass-fed ground beef is raised by FCF or our beef partner in the Tallahassee area. Like us they are a farm focused on healing the land  with regenerative practices, in the vein of Joel Salatin, using rotational grazing in a Silvopasture system. Silvopasture is the growing of trees widely spaced throughout a grazing pasture, which creates shade for cattle and a more diverse ecosystem of forage-types, birds and wild-life.

This beef is raised by our standard of quality and also provides  you with an opportunity to get petfood from a different soil with a different soil nutrient profile. We believe it is good for your pets to eat foods from many different farms and locations and to support up and coming farmers.