Chicken Eggs, Full Circle Farm

Chicken Eggs, Full Circle Farm


Our Layers are fed a ristricted amount of Non-GMO whole grains (wheat, barley, oats, field peas, and black sunflower seeds) fermented with our grassfed skim milk. We rotate our mobile hen house to new pasture on a regular basis, every two days, so they are consistently exposed to new grasses and bugs. They are also completly free range, meaning we do not enclose them in anyway so they can go as far from their hen house as they want. The flock is made up of heritage breed chickens: Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. Their egg mobile follows 3-5 days behind the cow herd, as they scratch through cow pats for bugs and forage for insects as well as the salad bar of delectable green grass. They also fertilize the land as they move from place to place, mimicking nature’s patterns. These lovely hens are a great addition to the farm's circle of life and they have an integral role here at Full Circle Farm. To top it off, our hens are producing beautiful eggs with some of the brightest yolks you've ever seen.

Our eggs aren't washed. If an egg is dirty it is cleaned using a damp cloth. That way the "bloom" (a naturally protective outer layer which comes off when washed) is not removed. Read more about it HERE.

* These eggs are not refrigerated and if you eat them within 2 weeks of receiving them, they can remain out of the fridge, if desired.