Columbia Canca Fair Trade/Organic Coffee 2 lb

Columbia Canca Fair Trade/Organic Coffee 2 lb

2 lb package

Whole bean, organic coffee roasted locally by Across the River Coffee Roasters (ATR) in Live Oak, FL.  All ATR coffee is mold free as their coffee broker does extensive testing on all coffee they receive and any coffee with any mold gets rejected. Once it passes the mold free test it is kept in a climate controlled environment and is purchased in ecotact bags that help reduce the contamination of molds.

This particular batch of coffee was sourced in Columbia.  We personally know the husband and wife team that source and roast the coffee and love supporting them. Here is the short blurb from the package label:  We started living a rough lifestyle; parties, dysfunction, and addiction for 15 years.  Before meeting, we ended our selfish lifestyles and gave our hearts to Jesus.  Years later we met, married, and found passion working together discipling others with similar backgrounds.  We love broken people, coffee, and Jesus.  

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