Farm Friend's Cow Milk, Gallon

Farm Friend's Cow Milk, Gallon

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Per Florida Law this is sold as "Not for Human Consumption, Pet Food Only"

Produced by our good friends and fellow followers of the Weston A Price Foundation. It is not A-2 but it is 100% grass fed and the color is great.  Their cows are on the same mineral program as our cows and are also rotationally grazed.

100% grassfed, no grain EVER! Cows do not have a digestive system to properly breakdown grain and, when fed grain, acidosis in their bodies can occur. When a cow is acidic her byproducts (milk and meat) are also. So, we only feed our cows and other ruminant animals what their bodies were meant to digest, GRASS! 

The milk should last at least 10 days from the time it was milked (which is marked on the bottle). Our milk is  1-5 days old when you get it. If you get several gallons we give you a mixture of dates and, of course, the older ones should be consumed first. If you only get 1 gallon we try and give you the freshest (1-3 days old).