Farm Friend's Cow Milk, Gallon

Farm Friend's Cow Milk, Gallon

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Per Florida Law this is sold as "Not for Human Consumption, Pet Food Only"

Produced by our good friends and fellow followers of the Weston A Price Foundation, just 15 minutes from Full Circle Farm.

This milk is rich and creamy with a nice light yellow color. The herd is a mix of A-1 and A-2 cows which are rotated daily to new pasture and are on the same mineral program that Full Circle Farm cows are on, including free choice kelp.

During the summer, the grasses and foliage is optimal for the cows so they are 100% Grass Fed and 100% Organic every summer.

In the winter the milk is about 99% Grass Fed due to how the grasses are much lower in protein and is scarce so the cows are occasionally in need of supplemental feeding even though we try to avoid it as much as possible. Usually it’s approximately from October 31st to February 14th that they will need either *soybean meal or *cracked corn and hay in order to keep them optimal and at a healthy weight year around. And it is only about 1 ½ – 3 ½ lbs per cow per day for the short amount of time that they need the supplementation. It’s just enough to give them the energy they need in order to keep them from burning body fat (which can give the milk a slight off taste) but also not to much to kill the bacteria in their stomachs that they need to digest grass. Therefore keeping the cows diet balanced, and getting a high quality milk from happy, healthy cows that are not losing weight or suffering from lack of energy during the winter.

* The soy bean meal and cracked corn supplements are not organic

The milk should last at least 10 days from the time it was milked (which is marked on the bottle). Our milk is 1-5 days old when you get it. If you get several gallons we give you a mixture of dates and, of course, the older ones should be consumed first. If you only get 1 gallon we try and give you the freshest (1-3 days old).