Fresh Cream- Pint

Fresh Cream- Pint

pint, 16oz
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WARNING! - you may NOT receive cream, even if ordered.  Due to the
natural fluctuations of milk production on grass, and due to the
fluctuations in order volume, we cannot guarantee you cream.  We always
fulfill milk orders before cream, which means there may not be enough
milk to make all the cream that is ordered. This is the reality.  If
needed, we may remove or reduce your cream order before processing your
order, without contacting you. If you are open to receiving frozen cream
in place of fresh or another product in the event that we are out of
fresh cream, then tell us by leaving a note in the "Comments" field when
submitting your order.

Our cream is raw, thick and delicious.  It takes between 2-3 gallons
of milk to make 1 quart of cream.  No wonder it's expensive!

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