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Our supplier and neighbor of those wonderful Meyer lemons had a bumper crop of garlic this year. No pesticides or herbicides used on this property for 11 years. We did taste tests and took Brix measurements. Brix measures the energy/vitality, mineral, protein and density of the produce. The higher measurement the better tasting, more minerally nutritious food with lower nitrate and water content, lower freezing point and better storage attributes. We are thrilled to announce that this new item was more flavorful as well as higher quality, measuring 173% higher, compared to Brix measurements on commercially bought organic and non-organic garlic. This is one way we fight off sickness, naturally.

Garlic has long been valued for its use in cooking, as pickled snacks and for medicinal purposes. Studies have corroborated the belief that garlic hinders the growth of intestinal parasites and germs and helps fight off infections, both in the digestive tract and lungs. Garlic is a rich source of sulphur and selenium. 

The traditional use of garlic for the prevention of blood clots also has recently been corroborated by science. Researchers have identified a substance called adenosine in garlic oil that breaks down a blood-clot-promoting protein called fibrin. Medievalists believed garlic had an aphrodisiac effect.