Premium Ground Beef, 25 pack Bundle

Premium Ground Beef, 25 pack Bundle

25 packages ~ 32.5lbs
$15.50 /lb.
Avg. 32.5 lb.

Save $16.25 when you buy a bundle of 25 Premium Ground Beef packages.

A friend who is one of the leading grazers in the state of Florida finished some beeves this year that he thought were VERY close to making steak, but not quite. These beeves were 100 percent grass finished on excellent pasture. They are cracker, south pole crosses so the best of both worlds: one being adapted to Florida and the other a leading beef breed. Instead of seeing if they made great steaks he went ahead and ground the whole animal up into burger and he calls it "premium ground beef". We think it will make awesome steak tar tar among other things. It is pricey but we think worth it, try it.

Per Florida Law this is sold as "Not for Human Consumption, Pet Food Only"

This beef is raised by our standard of quality and also provides  your pets with an opportunity to get food from a different soil with a different soil nutrient profile. We believe it is good for  your pets to eat foods from many different farms and locations and to support up and coming farmers.