In 2009, we started to raise chickens for our own nutrient-dense foods. We met Dennis, and he encouraged us to sell our chickens and eggs as well as mentored us on pasture-raised poultry. This lead to our partnership with him to raise eggs, chickens, and turkeys when he was expanding his family and his dairy operation. We started with 300-400 chickens per year for meat and approximately 40-50 egg layers. At present, we are raising 700 chickens every Spring and every Fall as well as 50 turkeys each Fall, and  250 egg layers per year. Over the years, we have continually tried to improve our products by better land management, better feeds as they have come available, and improved packaging. We now sell NGMO chickens, turkeys, eggs, and  broth. Our newest product is soy-free eggs. Shrink wrap is used on most of our chicken products to preserve freshness.

Our mission is to provide you with the best nutrient-dense foods we can produce in accordance with the Weston A. Price diet guidelines, being as cost effective as possible.   

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