Black Berry Cobbler by Sally Fallon

June 8, 2017 • 0 comments

Black Berry Cobbler by Sally Fallon
Wild blackberries are in season and right now this is our favorite dessert! You need 6 cups of Blackberries but any berry will do. It is extra tasty when topped with Ice Cream or Whipped cream.
  • Prep Time: minutes
  • Cook Time: minutes
  • Servings: 6



6 Cups of Blackberries(or a fruit of your choice)

Juice of 1-2 Lemons

1 grated rind of a Lemon

1 Tbsp of Arrowroot

1 Tbsp of  Sucanat or Rapadura

3/4  Cup of crispy almonds (raw almonds work too)

3/4  Cup arrowroot or Bulgar flour

6 Tbsp of softened butter

1/4 cup Sucanat or Rapadura

1/4 Tsp of Sea Salt

1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees


Toss the Blackberries with the Lemon Juice. Mix the Rapadura, lemon rind,  and arrowroot together and toss with the Blackberries. Place in a buttered baking or a souffle or a glass dish. Place almonds in a food processor and process to a powder. Then add butter, and bulgar flour, Rapadura, Vanilla and salt and process until smooth. Crumble this mixture on top of the Blackberries. Bake the Cobbler for 1 hour at 350 Degrees. After done baking let it cool and top with Ice cream or whipped cream, serve and enjoy!