Crispy Pecan Praline Spread

Crispy Pecan Praline Spread

10 oz plastic container

Our crispy pecan praline spread is made using our crispy pecan butter then, organic cocoa powder and raw local honey is added until it turns to a spread. The honey lends a little bit of a taffy effect to the spread. Great on sourdough or just eaten with a spoon.

Local fresh pecans from Orange Heights Florida is soaked in brine made with Baja Gold sea salt for 36 hours, then dehydrated at 145 degrees Fahrenheit until completely dry and crispy. Then it is processed to a smooth butter. Great for sandwiches and desserts, especially vanilla ice cream.



Soaked and Dehydrated Organic Pecans, Organic Cocoa Powder, Raw Local Honey, Baja Gold Sea Salt