Goat Tallow, Pint

Goat Tallow, Pint

1 pint

Grass fed goat tallow is snowy white, firm and similar to coconut oil.  It can be used as an alternative for shortening or lard.  Goat tallow has a delicious, slightly nutty taste, and it adds a lot of flavor to meat and vegetable dishes with all the health benefits of grass-fed fat. Goat tallow has a high smoking point and is wonderful for high heat cooking and frying. It is best stored in the fridge but bring it to room temperature when ready to use so that it softens. Low temperature rendered. 

Our goats are rotated on our fertile pastures where they get to eat all the grass, vines and shrubs to their heart's content.  In order to keep our meat goats parasite free without the use of chemicals and in radiant health they get barley and oats that are soaked 24 hours with organic apple cider vinegar, Copper sulfate (A natural wormer), and kansas salt.  After the barley and oats have soaked we add alfalfa pellets as well as Dolomite (to offset any copper toxicity) and Sulfur (for external parasites).  They get about 1/2 a quart of this ration a day and also have kelp, salt, nutri-balancer, and hay free choice. Non GMO and Soy-Free.



100% Grass Fed Goat Fat