Herb & Beef Bit Soup

Herb & Beef Bit Soup


This earthy savory soup is slow cooked for an 8-hour period with the best organic ingredients. A quick nourishing addition to any of your pets' meals. This is a convenient heat and eat and goes great with rice. 
We respect our animals and make sure that nothing goes to waste. After each harvest our chef renders down the bones and mixes them with herbs from the farm and the freshest organic veggies. 



Organic grassfed beef bones & bits, Himalayan pink salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Zucchini, Organic squash, Organic onions, Organic leeks, Organic red & green bell peppers, Organic Krunch seasonings, Organic thyme, Organic oregano, Organic rosemary, and Organic Cilantro.