Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs

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The quail are housed in small wire/wood-framed boxes on the grass and moved as required to new areas, as you can see in the photo. The quail are fed Kalmbach non-GMO 28% Start Right Turkey and Gamebird Crumbles.


A benefit of quail eggs is that they pack a lot of nutrition into their tiny package. According to the USDA, when compared per equal units to chicken eggs, they are higher in iron, B12 and folate than chicken eggs and slightly higher in protein and phosphorus. They are also higher in fat because of the larger ratio of yolk to white.

The speckled shell is surprisingly thick with a tough inner membrane that carefully protects the egg. The beauty is that while quail eggs may look like delicate china, they’re tough little things that are as easy to handle as any chicken egg and surprisingly harder to break.I’ve found the easiest way to open quail eggs is to pierce the top end of the egg with the tip of a small knife creating a 1/2-inch slit (being careful not to pierce the yolk). Use your fingers to pull the top of the shell off the egg. This creates less shell breakage than simply cracking the shell on the side of a bowl or the counter. It also easily pierces the membrane allowing the egg to slip right out into a small bowl. Or, if you use a lot of quail eggs, you might want to invest in quail egg scissors. This gadget slices the top right off the quail egg. Once you open the quail egg shell it reveals not only the egg but also the surprising blue-green color of the inside of the shell — spectacular!

Per Florida Law this is sold as "Not for Human Consumption, Pet Food Only"