Razz Hands:  Raspberry Lemon Chevre

Razz Hands: Raspberry Lemon Chevre

8 oz jar
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Beyond organic, raw, grass fed raspberry lemon goat chevre made with real organic raspberries, organic rapadura (Weston A. Price/Sally Fallon approved) and organic lemon extract.

How does flavored goat chevre taste? Think lightly sweet cheesecake or a cream cheese-like schmear for your sourdough bagel or toast. Add a couple spoonfuls on your sweet potato, eat it straight as a dessert, use it with fruit and veggie spears as a dip, top your salad with a few spoonfuls for a lovely sweet and savory compliment, create a crumbled pecan and fruit salad and top it with chevre . . . . Oh the possibilities!

Produced with Stalwart Stock’s grass/forage fed Oberhasli goats which frolic among our poly herd in our remineralized savannah type fields eating brambles, tree leaves, grasses and diverse forages as their deer-like instincts persuade them. They are provided organic, fermented alfalfa during milking time with beneficial enzymes and live microorganisms which helps establish healthy microflora in the gut and reduces digestive ailments, free-choice naturally occurring minerals (the animals instinctually know which minerals are needed at what times in what amounts), free-choice kelp (a natural source of multi-minerals which are easily assimilated in the body) and mineralized salt as well as intermittent herbs, garlic, pumpkin seeds, diatomaceous earth and apple cider vinegar to promote this heritage breed's natural parasite resistance.

Not licensed for human consumption.


Beyond Organic Pastured/Grass Fed Raw Goat Milk, Organic Raspberries, Organic Rapadura, Organic Lemon Extract, Mineralized Salt, Rennet