E.N.D. Stevia

E.N.D. Stevia

80 Grams
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Ecologica-Natu-Diet Stevia is grown and produced right in Bolivia.  Our good friends, the Millers:   https://livereadynow.wordpress...  live in Bolivia and bring this back to the states whenever they get the chance.  We decided to buy a good amount and see how it sells.  It is grown with out the use of any chemicals so is "organic" but not certified.  

The stevia leaves are grown and processed in the country of Bolivia. This is a blend of 70% stevia powder and 30% fructose powder. The fructose is derived from apples and pears (most likely also all grown in Bolivia, but not 100% sure). Many people prefer this product because it has no undesirable stevia aftertaste. It has been proven safe to use for diabetics, and is a good alternative for sugar in drinks, cooking, baking, puddings, etc. One 80-gram bottle lasts a long time, as the stevia is highly concentrated and you only need to use a tiny bit to sweeten drinks or desserts.



70% Stevia powder, 30% Fructose powder