Tallow with the benefits of NEEM great for acne scaring, eczema and psoriasis.
"Wake UP" Whipped Tallow Skin Cream with NEEM

"Wake UP" Whipped Tallow Skin Cream with NEEM

4 oz glass mason jar
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Note: You should be noticing a bit of a smoother texture to this as I improved the formulation. 

Hydrate your skin all day with our homemade farm grown "Wake UP'" whipped skin cream! Ingredients: Grass Fed/Finished Tallow, Organic Neem Leave Oil (for the benefits without the strong scent), unrefined Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Frankincense and Lemongrass Scents. 

------------Comes in 4oz. Ball Quilted Mason Jar----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tallow: We start with Grass fed and finished cows from our Beyond Organic Farm to get our Tallow. Tallow is believed to prevent dryness at the cellular level without suffocating the skin's barrier as does petroleum-based lotions. It is is loaded with vitamins A, D & K and antioxidants. Vitamin E, known to promote rejuvenation of the skin by fighting free radicals that can cause wrinkles and its shown to prevent the breakdown of collagen. Vitamin D has the ability to restore vibrancy in skin. Tallow ands sebum (the oil in our skin) share many of the same lipids or fats in similar concentrations. Some believe that it is this similarity that allows tallow to absorb deep within the layers of the skin. Tallow is an intense moisturizer which assists in retaining the skins natural moisture. It replenishes the building blocks of our skin that decrease with age and its non-greasy, will not clog pores, and is 100% natural. It is long lasting and will prevent dryness all day. 

Benefits of Neem Oil:
1) Acne: Helps keep skin free from acne-causing microorganisms and diminishes skin inflammation. 2) Aging Skin: Regenerative properties help the skin battle microbes underneath the surface. 3) Irritated Skin: Antibacterial properties and cooling effect 4) Acne Scars: helps with scaring due to its Vitamin E and recuperating properties. 5) Skin Protector: Neem's substances fill in the holes and cracks in the skin, forestalling moisture loss and reestablishing the defensive barrier. 6) Blackheads: Bid farewell to blackheads and clogged pores when used routinely. 7) Eczema and Psoriasis: The antibacterial properties are known to assist with forestalling further skin contaminations, like eczema and the unsaturated fats in neem act as an emollient which is what dermatologists suggest for eczema.

As with any plant products, please do an allergy patch test before applying to a large area. There are RARE allergic reactions to NEEM.

---This is not meant to diagnose, cure disease or guarantee results. As always, do your research and consult your health care practitioner when necessary---

---I hope you love it! Thank you for your business!

****************Do not refrigerate*********************************



Tallow 100% Grass Fed, Neem Leave Oil, Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Frankincense and Lemongrass Scent.