Are you lactose intolerant and still craving dairy products? You just might be able to have your milk and drink it too! Sheep milk is gentle on the stomach and easy to digest, even for those who are lactose intolerant— more so than goat milk. Up to 75% of lactose intolerant people are able to drink sheep's milk without any adverse side effects. Additionally, sheep milk is naturally more nutritious than cow or goat milk. One cup of sheep milk provides 15g of protein, 473 mg of calcium, and higher levels of Vitamins A,B,D, and E, magnesium and heart healthy unsaturated fats than cow or goat milk. Sheep milk also contains the highest concentration of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) found in any type of milk. CLA is known to have cancer-fighting properties.*
Our sheep graze in our pesticide-free pastures all day. They are not given any growth hormones to increase milk production. Some of our milking ewes are given small quantities of non-gmo barley and alfalfa in addition to their grazing for extra nourishment. If you would prefer, we also have grain-free milk.
If you are interested in purchasing delicious raw sheep milk, please let me know.
Small Beginnings Farm

*Nutritional information taken from Mountain Valley View Farm and