A Win Win Opportunity to Help us Grow 2/10/18

February 10, 2018

A few years ago we read where a billionaire taught his daughter to come to him for high fives every time she made a mistake. His thinking was that people who try things make mistakes but people who do not try to do anything seldom fail. He wanted his daughter to learn to fail much.  Failing much was his formula for success. I had a hard time with this concept but for a year or 2, here on the farm, we tried hard to celebrate mistakes.  It has changed the very way we think about mistakes or failures and is slowly changing the way we approach stepping out and trying something new. Its funny how we love to point the finger at other's flops as if it is their end. But indeed it may be the beginning
for someone. Years ago Lily spent some good money planting a butterfly garden in our back yard but many of the plants she bought to plant were annuals, meaning they needed to be planted annually to grow. The very next year she announced that this year she would plant nearly all perennials. Only a very few annuals have been planted since. We have had butterflies a plenty plus hummingbirds galore. Little children learn quickly when not herded into a room full of peers and made to stuff info into their heads to pass tests, this is why we homeschool.

So in the spirit of the above we are going to launch out into deep water today, I am taking a bold step and I will be asking for your support.  We have found a way to raise much needed funds for the many things we would like to grow here at FCF. The “M” company makes/manufactures 600 products of consumable nature, things you are already buying and using in your homes. If you buy them from M company instead of the store the M company will pay us a few dollars every month. The M company has the system set up where you can purchase these items monthly and get a % of your purchases each and every month. We have been using these products for 2 years and totally love them. Out of the 600 products there are some we never buy like coffee because we do not drink coffee, but then there are products we use a lot of like dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo etc. There is something for everyone here, very easy to do. They ask you to purchase a minimum of 35 points which is around $50 per
month. They want people to commit to this before joining and they do not really care for people coming in and jumping out although there is zero obligation to stay once you join, you can get out anytime you want.  They do boast a 96% retention rate meaning 96% of folks stay. The reason for the high retention rate is that they have many products that once you try you will not want to be without ever again. Also these are not overpriced products but extremely reasonable, comparable to big box store discounts. All orders are done on line and shipped directly to you
via UPS. When we joined them 2 years ago they only had 450 products so they have added many and will continue adding all the time. They boast that they do not have a child proof cap on anything.  Their products have less chemicals than store bought, many of them plant based and so the added advantage of less chemicals in your home. One quick example, did you know that one of the most common calls to poison control the last ten years has been kids getting into dishwasher soap?  This soap is made with seriously dangerous chemicals and has harmed many many children but is still being used in homes across America. The large corporations can easily handle the law suits against them and do not seem to care, they make so much money on this soap. This is another reason to support the M Company, they are a smaller company not a huge corporation. They have a lot of heart and a strong mission to change the environment for the better. Small compared to the other big companies they are making a positive change and with our help they can do more and more. They started 30 years ago and just crossed the 2 billion in sales mark. I call them the better safer cheaper company and I really believe in them. Full Circle Farm serves several hundred families and we are hoping for 100 of you to make a minimum of 6 month commitment to this and after that we believe you will stay for life but are ok with whatever you choose. If you are open to considering this, email me directly and we will get you the full info to make a good decision. The biggest reason for doing this is this example:  Jesse Green has just retired at 80.  He has a 200 acre organic farm in Alachua that because he has been unable to find a successor will go back to chemicals when he dies. The farm is worth a lot of money, way more than I have now, but the opportunity that the M company presents me is one way to even think about saving a farm like this. The step one we suggest above is only the beginning, there is so much more to it but the journey
of a thousand miles still begins with a single step. Please consider joining us in step one by asking us for more info, we will take it from there.       

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Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia


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