Trial Date: October 21st, Please Come And Show Your Support

October 4, 2019

Our trial date is set for October 21st at the Suwannee County Courthouse in Live Oak, FL.  We would like to ask you to drop everything and come to the trial. The more people we can get into that room the better off we will be. If you want to say something on our behalf you may be allowed but if you want to observe, only, that works too. The judge will be persuaded by numbers of people interested in this case. This is not about us it is rather about ALL farmers and your food freedoms in FL. If we stand together we can make change but if people are not interested, the big Ag influence will carry the day. Big Ag is working hard to influence, but in our great country we the people rule if we stand up together. But only if we stand up and stand together. THIS is a huge opportunity to do something for freedom. Home school families, this is a huge learning opportunity for you. We have taken our new born every time and the judge assures us when she cries that it is no problem at all. Come with the whole family and learn how our system works and see it in high action. We think this will take place 9am on October 21st but if interested email me directly and I will form a list and stay in touch with everyone coming:  Also, written support letters are good, if you make it to the trial or not.  If you come bring them with you, if you cannot come email to the above. The more letters the better and do not over think this, just write from your heart how you feel about guvmint involvement in your food sources. Do you want regulated food or freedom of choice etc. Do you want to take responsibility for your own food or do you want them to tell you what is safe. The judge is an elected official so if you vote say so. How do you feel about the Dept of Ag sending out, to our farm, an undercover agent to buy food to accuse us of criminal activity when the tax dollars could be better spent going after drugs and other lawless people. Meth related deaths in our county are a HUGE concern right now, why not spend money there instead. If you have to drive in and stay over and are willing to do this, it will mean a lot to them because on most cases no one even shows up at all. Again all you do is show up and watch unless you want to write or speak let me know. We do not need to be angry at anyone or put them down or point fingers but we need to stand up and let them know we are interested in the case, showing up will do that. At the end of the day all we want is the freedom to take responsibility of our own health with food freedom. We are a different group of people, we are rare and they do not see much of this. Most of what they see is drug and theft and traffic cases so this will be an apples to oranges case, comparatively.

When you get to the courthouse you will enter the front, turn left, go upstairs and at the top of the stairs you come to the large court room. Anyone can direct you to the right place, just ask. Proper dress required, this judge is not as fussy as some but shorts and flip flops do not get into the court house. The more you dress up the better, although there will be no suit and tie for me. Not sure if I even have those anymore.
This will not be a jury trial. The state has waved its right to seek jail time for us by taking away our right to jury trial. Yea explain that one. The good news about this is that a trial by judge takes MUCH less time, it could be over in as little as one hour.
One more thing. The state has to act on complaints. We do not believe there has been one about us, we think it is an agenda against raw milk, real food etc. But let me ask you a question, why are we not complaining to the state and letting them know what WE want? Why are we letting the state harass the small farmer and get away with it? If we do not say/do something, they will not stop this behavior. But they HAVE to act on complaints. By showing up in court when your farmer is dragged in there against his will is a VERY definitive way to complain. And we may in the near future let you know of other ways as well but now is our chance to be heard, so please come. Show interest. Be heard. I promise you it will make a difference even if we do not win the case it will speak volumes to them that folks are interested in this kind of stuff. Alicia and I have already spent a LOT of time on this case, now we simply ask for some of your time. After the dust settles on this deal I am thinking of how I can provide leadership toward change but for now I think numbers of people in the court room on day of trial will speak volumes as to the number of people interested in real food.

Chestnuts have been a staple survival food across the Mediterranean for thousands of years, but generations of Americans have forgotten this wonderful food source since a blight wiped out trees in the U.S... They are back!
Chestnuts provide healthy alkalizing low glycemic carbs loaded with fiber, antioxidants, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, molybdenum and B & C vitamins. They are a great gluten free option and valuable for Keto-cycling. They can be roasted or boiled to grace Thanksgiving dressing, added to rices (cooked in stock), eaten as a snack, candied or turned into flour, breads and many other Euro delicacies.
Chestnuts are typically roasted for 40min @350...first outer shell is scored w an X on round side w sharp knife...taken from oven and covered with a wet cloth to steam.. and shucked when still warm..They can also be boiled for 40 min, cut in half and meat scooped out with small spoon....either can be ground into meal, or ground then dried on cookie sheet in low oven, then further ground into fine flour. Meal/flour can be turned into puree by cooking w water and sugar or honey, or whole shelled nuts can be candied in a similar fashion.
Besides the traditional chestnut stuffing or my favorite chestnut rice, fresh roasted nuts are tasty on their own.  There are literally thousands of recipes; just google chestnut recipes, chestnut cakes or chestnut deserts.Enjoy a fresh new seasonal treat.

We really like Randy's(Little River Organics) chestnuts and highly recommend this amazing food that has the carbo profile of brown rice and the protein of an egg yolk all wrapped up in one. Don’t miss out on this seasonal opportunity to get the nutrition in this wonderful nut. We love them roasted, shelled then dipped in melted butter. Also for you persimmon lovers, when our Caroline found out how many we sold 2 weeks ago, of the near ripe ones, she said that people should know that they are better frozen. When frozen, the last bit of astringentness is taken out and sweetens them, plus it is sooo much like an all natural pop sickle. Our kids are nuts for them that way. What you must do tho with the near ripe ones is leave them on the kitchen counter till ripe, then freeze.

Sustainable Farming Days:
  A day of fun for the whole family!  Come see demonstrations of farming with horses, enjoy a carriage ride, eat foods direct from the farm, visit vendors and more!  This event is only 15 minutes from Full Circle Farm at Dragon Fly Ranch.  To register or learn more go here.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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