Bulk Beef And Cheaper Pork Available 8/23/19

August 23, 2019

Let me explain why we now offer conventional feed pork. Very simple. We have lots of customers who struggle to buy our quality foods, financially, and this provides them another option. Also, up until now, Full Circle Farm pork has been done through "On Farm" partnerships so we did not want to bring in outside pork to compete with those partners.  Now we do the pork ourselves and feel free to compete with ourselves and make a dollar where we can. In the pork and chicken realm there are basically 3 feeds: one is cheap feed for around $10 per 50 lb bag,  Non-GMO certified feed which is $20 per bag, and then there is certified organic for about $30 per 50lb bag. Here at FCF we go middle of the road with Non-GMO for many reasons.  A friend of ours who does really well with pigs, still uses cheap feed, and he had a few extra for sale so we jumped on them to make them available to those of you who need a price break. Our friend does pigs better than most.  He does not free feed like most people so this pushes them to go out and eat more off the land. Other than the cheap feed, let me assure you that this pork is exceptional.  To see all the cheaper, conventional feed pork we have available, go here:  https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store?q=conventional

Bulk Beef, now available: Buy beef in 1/4 or 1/2 potions of a whole cow produced right here at Full Circle Farm. 100% Grassfed on our fertile pastures. Stock up and save and relax when it comes time to prepare dinner because your freezer is full of locally produced, nutrient dense beef!

Newfoundland Opportunity: Some of you may remember Jay who baked that wonderful sourdough bread for us, while living next door, a few years ago. Well, Eric and Jay have a neat place in the far north that we would love to go see sometime soon and perhaps you would too:  We now have available a magical glamping location in Newfoundland, Canada along the Iceberg Alley, which has some of the cleanest air, water, food, seafood, wild berries, & land to be found anywhere in North America. We also offer Jay’s complimentary organic sourdough muffins & other delectable treats along with the stay for all our guests.Check the link out & come stay with us.https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/36879809See ya soon,Jay & Eric

Jacksonville Update:  Just a reminder that North Jax stop, which is 10 minutes from the airport, now has a fridge for later pickups. Also in Jax the Native Sun is closing.  For now we will continue meeting in the back parking lot there, BUT we will need a new meet up location in the Mandarin area if anyone wants to volunteer their house and put a fridge in for later pickup, as well. If even slightly interested call or email us for details. We do offer free delivery for the host and other perks as well, depending on the circumstance.

Why would I talk when these guys say it so much better….. https://carboncowboys.org/

https://roguefoodconference.com/speakers/ check out this incredible conference and the speaker line up!!

 my fav blogger in the whole wide world, this guy makes sooo much sense!

https://nogreaterjoy.org/articles/believe-i-can/?mc_cid=b551068c98&mc_eid=2d1218f8abI know this lady and she is good!

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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