Rabbit, Chestnuts, Micro-Greens And A Trial 9/20/19

September 20, 2019

We may be going to trial. We are alleged criminals for selling food without a proper license. They sent an undercover investigator to our farm to buy our food and caught us red handed. We are charged with a second degree misdemeanor just like a druggy. Yes it is a very sick world we live in when the farmer and his wife who neither have ANY previous record are accused of a crime and the crime is something that people have been doing since the beginning of time. Yes, this farmer was raised Amish Mennonite and from a long line of Anabaptist God fearing people who immigrated to this country because of religious persecution. Now, he is a criminal because he sold food. IF we go to trial we want you all to fill the court room so full, the judge cannot fit in to hear the case. So, here are the details we presently know: the trial will be toward the end of October sometime, about a month away. I would ask that if you care about freedom in this country you do your very best to come. We will let you know details as they become available. If you are a home school family this would be an incredible learning opportunity.  Bring the whole family, even babies and small children are no problem. We have taken Luanna from before her birth to now and its been about 5 times so far. They assure us that even when she cries it is not an issue.  The judge himself says so every time she whimpers and she does, it s seems she senses our nervousness. We both hate going and would rather be home on the farm but no choice, we will be arrested if we do not show when they say. So, do come, this will be at the courthouse in Live Oak.  Make a day trip or come and stay over, the night before. We will let you know if it will be AM or afternoon, when we know. The whole thing will be a couple hours at most. It is ironic how many good things are happening on the farm just when they are trying to shut us down.  Your presence at this trial will speak loudly to the case, to the judge and to the Dept of Ag, our accusers. Please write a letter with your story and some reasons why they should let your farmers alone. Not only this farmer but all farmers. There is no probable cause in our case and there will be no one to say under oath that we have harmed them in any way so WHAT IS OUR CRIME?? Ask this and other questions in your written statement. Hand written is good and typed on a computer and printed is good. These MAY be entered into the record and could possibly sway things. But show up with or without the letter and your caring enough to come will be VERY influential.

Persimmons and Chestnuts: Satsuma Guy has a bountiful crop of super-sweet persimmons:  Saijo, smaller egg shaped fruits come just before large, just-as-sweet Tannenashi persimmons.  They are ready to order NOW.  Near ripe fruits should soften in a week or so, on the counter.  These will be available into October,...or opt for frozen "popsicle" persimmons available till sold-out.Check out these amazing persimmon recipes….https://www.allrecipes.com/recipes/1112/fruits-and-vegetables/fruits/persimmons/?page=2

Chestnuts have been a staple survival food across the Mediterranean for thousands of years, but generations of Americans have forgotten this wonderful food source since a blight wiped out trees in the U.S... They are back!Chestnuts provide healthy alkalizing low glycemic carbs loaded with fiber, antioxidants, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, molybdenum and B & C vitamins. They are a great gluten free option and valuable for Keto-cycling. They can be roasted or boiled to grace Thanksgiving dressing, added to rices (cooked in stock), eaten as a snack, candied or turned into flour, breads and many other Euro delicacies.  Order NOW!

Microgreens (Jacksonville Only) have up to 40 times the nutrients of full grown vegetables. They are packed with vitamins (A, B, C, E, K) and minerals ( Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, and Folic Acid). We only sell LIVING microgreens so you get the most nutrients from them when you eat them, freshly harvested (they also taste better and last longer too!)  Because these are grown in Jacksonville they are only available to our Jacksonville customers, due to shelf life.
Grown PURE = 100% NonGMO Seeds, 100% Filtered Water, 100% Food Safe Plastic Trays, No Pesticides, No FertilizersQuestions about our microgreens? Contact us at: Goodsonsgardens@gmail.comor on Facebook at @GoodsonsGardensIf you pick up in Jacksonville and are interested in ordering, go here.

Rabbit:   My name is Victoria. Some of you may have met me on delivery, and many more of you know my father, Barry, and my sister Joy, who have been the delivery team for two years now. Two years ago when I was sixteen, I went through the five month internship program offered by Full Circle Farm and learned so much about the land and working with farm animals. When I had graduated from that and was working with Dennis and Alicia in bringing you beyond organic food, I realized that I wanted to contribute something unique and different from everything else that is being offered to you. Rabbits were what I had in mind. Last summer I spent much of my free time researching how to holistically raise rabbits for meat. I read books and watched videos, most notably those featuring Joel and Daniel Salatin, who have been raising pastured rabbits for thirty years. I finally bought a young trio of two does and a buck last October. My dream of producing rabbits finally came true when on a cold morning in February one of the does kindled a beautiful litter of seven tiny bunnies. In the ensuing five months I raised twenty-two young rabbits so that I have now reached the point where I am ready to start offering the fruits of my labor to you.
The parent rabbits are kept in separate cages. With the help of my four energetic siblings, I cut and carry grass, weeds, and other forage to them every day, so that they are getting fresh greens as well as the pastured fryers. I also give all the rabbits a non-GMO verified feed without medication or added hormones. When the young fryers reach six weeks of age, at which time they are completely weaned from their mothers, I put them on grass in a rabbit tractor which I move twice a day. Around twelve weeks they are large enough for processing. If you are among the large class who has never had rabbit, never fear! What you have heard is true. Rabbit meat is much like chicken. However, there are subtle differences. In my opinion, the rabbits I have raised have a slight sweetness that chicken does not have.  Although rabbits have only a small amount of fat, rabbits raised on pasture have a close-to-ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, and are richer in omega-3 than chicken or pork. Rabbit meat is succulent, light, tender, and finely textured, and works well with many recipes in any season.NOTE: The supply of rabbit is limited at this point.  To order rabbit, go here.

One Last Important Tid Bit: https://www.ecowatch.com/roundup-cancer-1882187755.html

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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