Kefir, a Glass a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away and Persimmons A-plenty 9/6/19

September 5, 2019

Kefir made from raw, 100% grass fed milk is an amazing super food loaded with friendly bacteria for your gut. A healthy person will have 2 to 6 lbs of healthy bacteria in their gut. Another way to say this is that a healthy person will have 80% good bacteria and 20% bad in the gut but most Americans have this ratio reversed. This imbalance affects the immune function as these friendly bacteria are a huge part of your immune system. Friendly bacteria help synthesize food which to me is a fancy way to say they help you digest and assimilate better. They assist in breaking down food and they also make B vitamins and many other nutrients needed by your body. Yes, it is good to take probiotics in capsule form but far superior is eating lots of fermented foods with meals. You can hide kefir in things like smoothies or salad dressings. One other point of interest is that our yogurt is heated but kefir is not at all. We heat our yogurt to kill the natural immune system in the milk so that the culture can go to work and make the nice firm yogurt you love. Yogurt is thought to do good as it passes thru the body but kefir is said to be the natural friendly bacteria in the gut and will establish and grow, bringing a more extended healing and balance. See link for more kefir details:

The GAPS diet has helped many get back into balance by healing the gut as well:

Fermentation Class:  I, Jayshree of Living Breads, am teaching an online "Make Your Own Probiotics, Fermentation Class with Veggies". If you've always been wondering about this, here is a good opportunity to learn about it and start making your own probiotics. I have over 10 years of fermenting experience with veggies, probiotic drinks, sourdough based items, and I have been endearingly called "Fermenting Queen" by friends. This is the second fermentation workshop, the first one was in Madison, GA. The great news is you can learn it from anywhere as it will be online and Live along with the participants who would be attending in person.Who will benefit from this class?Well…everyone!1)Are you taking probiotic supplements and spending hundreds of dollars on it? Then you might benefit from taking this class, and learn how to make your own. Not only it is much cheaper to make your own probiotics it is also a lot healthier AND you can enjoy the creative aspect of making your own!2) Are you interested in keeping your gut healthy so everything moves and functions well in your body’s plumbing system ?!3) Are you interested in getting the most nutrients out of the Food you eat? and interested in getting this benefit through fermented food instead of the many store bought vitamins, probiotics, and supplements?..if you answered yes to any of these questions..then you might consider checking this class out. PM me if you have any questions. For those not on FB here is the info: This hands-on fermentation class explores the magical world of brine fermented vegetables.  You’ll learn the key concepts and processes of fermentation, how to ferment vegetables, step-by-step guidance for preparing a jar of vegetables that are ready to begin the fermentation process, post workshop support to help troubleshoot anything relating to your fermenting vegetables.Participants will take home a 32 oz glass Mason jar of prepared vegetables that are ready to ferment, all the know-how and post workshop troubleshooting support to begin their fermenting adventure.  It’s relaxed and fun, you can ask questions and leave inspired to create, experiment and ferment all on your own!Class online - $50 (Use your own organically grown vegetables and spices)
Class in Green Cove - $65 (Includes materials)
Class Duration: About 2hrs plus
Reserve your spot by E-mailing

Persimmons: Satsuma Guy has a bountiful crop of super-sweet persimmons on the way. Saijo, smaller egg shaped fruits come just before large, just-as-sweet Tannenashi persimmons.  Be ready to order in a few weeks for near ripe fruits which should soften in a week or so and will be available into October,...or opt for frozen "popsicle" persimmons available till sold-out.Check out these amazing persimmon recipes….  

We will have chestnuts late September and a pretty crop of Satsuma Mandarin oranges in December, all organic and hand selected.

One last important tid bit:  Vaccine Liberation page, all you need to be exempt!  Please share 

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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