An Increase In A2 Milk Products And A Sheep Seminar 4/5/19

April 5, 2019

What a glorious time of year Spring is on the farm! If you have never visited us, now is the ideal time! Mulberrys, loquats free for the picking. Puppies to pet for the kids and baby goats to watch, their antics will tickle the most hardened among us and make you laugh. Green grass a plenty and the birds are singing. We have camping spots for the outdoors type and barn apt for the indoor types and fine cottage for the city slicker's quiet vacation spot. Come see where your food comes from and ask us anything you want about how it is produced right here in front of your eyes. Our business is to produce food that heals or, for those with fore thought, prevents dis-ease. We prevent everything from cavities to cancer just by eating tasty food, sort of like people ate it 100 years ago before chemicals and vaccines and anti-life things.

Our friends, the Streets, are doing another great sheep seminar. For those interested in that see below for details.
The Second Annual Sheep Seminar is coming back to Shepherd's Hill Farm this spring. Mark your calendar to attend and learn how and why we raise sheep that are chemical free here in Florida. With over 20 years' experience, we have learned much valuable information along the way---a lot by trial and error. Come learn by word of mouth and save yourself the hassle of learning from your mistakes. Come learn what has worked and what has not worked, and learn what we have found to be the secret to our success.
WHO?  Shepherd's Hill Farm Tom, Tarri and Tiare Street
WHAT? A Sheep Seminar to hear the how's and whys of our meat sheep operation.
WHEN? Saturday, April 27, from 1:00 to 4:00
WHERE? At Shepherd's Hill Farm located south of Lake City, FL at 673 SW Ichetucknee Ave.
HOW? visit Sheep Seminar event page to get the details and pay for your tickets ahead of time Early registration is only $30, Then at the door would be $40.Send a check to:  Tarri Street673 SW Ichetucknee Ave.Lake City, Florida 32024

New A2 Products: Cow kefir for pets! We hear this is making a big hit. People are willing to do for the dog things that they would not do for themselves. Go Fido! Our sales are up all around, and kefir too.  But we would like to announce now that from now on our kefir will be made from only A-2 milk. Why? Because if it is so healthy it should be made from the best. This whole thing with kefir for pets got me thinking and I would not want to think without making some changes right? So, one more……….Buttermilk too. From now on FCF will make kefir and Buttermilk from A-2 milk only.

We sure wish we could just sell all the non A-2 cows and move on with A-2 only, across the board, but alas I do not have the money to do that and I do not know where I would find enough cows even if I did have the $$. But soon enough this will happen here at FCF. Meanwhile this one little change will help, I hope.    

Doug Tallamy wrote a book called Bringing Nature Home about native plants. I highly recommend this book and here is a you tube on him…. 

And last, but most important, if you are not familiar with Sally Fallon spend a day at least on you tubes by her, your health will be improved by it.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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