An Opportunity To Pay Ahead And Time For Beef And Turkey 10/5/18

October 5, 2018

Hello Small Farm Enthusiasts,

A Helping Hand From South Africa:  I am enjoying an amazing, chomping at the bit, intern named Brad. I have often wondered what I could accomplish if I had someone here that would pull the same weight I do. Now I have that, or Brad sure tries hard anyway.  He is also my complementary opposite, as he is quite handy, so we are making the pieces fly.  It feels good to get things done and move quickly thru my long lists of, "to do's" and many things on that list have been there a few years. An intern like this is rare but it has happened once or twice for us. This amazing fellow comes all the way from Cape Town, South Africa with his wife, 4 kids and charming accents.  So we are having lots of fun. Plus he is a pastor so we can talk about things on many levels which I am enjoying immensely. So, why does a pastor need a break and want to learn farming? Its a long story but I think the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence at times. Anything you do well is hard work and has its downsides.  In farming, the work is 7 days per week and the upsides are I can work with my family and  make my own schedule.  So, if we want to swim for half the day at our favorite spring, we put everything on hold and go for it.  AND we ALL need a break at times so its good to step away from our world into another and Brad, from South Africa, is enjoying his step away, big time. Joel Salatin says the most important qualification for an intern is that they want to be there, and Brad has that. He is loving it and I am too.

Paying Ahead: A month ago we had the opportunity to buy a small herd of incredible grass based genetics Jersey cows and this has left us very tight financially so if any of you would like to help out by paying ahead it would be ever so helpful. If you pay $1000 or more in advance we will put the credit on our website and you do not write another check or have your card charged until your credit is gone. We will also make it worthwhile by adding 3% if you send a check, 5% for cash. We do not want to do this on credit cards as we lose a %. If anyone has questions please email me directly at We did this to buy land a year and a half ago and several are paid back and said to let you know if we need it again, now we do, and thank you in advance. if you normally write a check just add the amount you are comfortable with and if you have cash please just hand it to Barry at the pick up. We can do credit card but we would not be able to add a %.  

Beef:  We are stocked up in beef now but will run out early next year so it is time to buy a freezer and get some bulk beef. We have it all, smaller cuts, eights, quarters, halves and wholes. If someone wants something bulk or wholesale we are not offering, just ask and we will make you an all hamburger deal or all steaks or whatever you want. We have FCF finished and Tally partner, your choice. 

Turkeys:  We have turkeys available, now, and if you buy them in the month of October you will get 5% off of the total cost!  We are offering this discount because both Eden Farm and FCF have full freezers so we are hoping that by offering this discount we can alleviate some much needed space in our freezers.  Also, anyone who would prefer a Heritage turkey please let us know so that we can butcher one for you.  We need to know by Oct. 26th. We will be butchering only the ones ordered on the 29th. They will probably run between 13 and 17 lb. and will need to be cooked as you would a wild turkey.

Puppies: Lily has another 6 puppies for sale. If interested click reply and ask anything or just mention your interest and we will be in touch when they are ready to go in a week or 2. If you have animals that are in danger from predators these dogs are worth there weight in gold.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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