Are You Grounded? 3/23/19

March 23, 2019

Are you grounded? Have you heard of earthing? I have a story I want to share, then I will refer you to who I believe is the grounding/earthing queen, and you can take it from there. So, a little more than one year ago I started sequential eating.  In short, it is the eating of your protein first, then a lot of healthy fats next and finally limited or low carbs, last. So, every meal you do your best to separate your food into 3 courses.  Sandwiches do not work here, at all, neither do chili and some other foods, one of which used to be my favorite:  a piece of bologna and a thick slice of cheese, no bread, just the cheese and bologna and it was my meal. No more.  Now, I eat the bologna, then the cheese and often no carbs, but when I do I try not to have too many. This eating style or change has increased my overall well being, TREMENDOUSLY! I sleep better, my skin is better, my mental clarity shot upward, and on and on.  It is actually a long list of improvements to what I thought was pretty good health already. Compared to most, my health is  absolutely a step or two above, but I do not want to compare myself to the average person, either. So, I was sold and impressed, but almost immediately after having such good results I started to have these sciatica-like nerve pains going down my legs and some weird stiffness in my arms and it was rough. So finally one night I could not sleep and reached up to the window sill to see if getting grounded would help, and it did.  The very next day I pounded a metal ground post outside my window and connected a small wire and the rest is history.  I had a grounding mattress pad 20 years ago and I am not sure why I ever got away from it, but I did, and what a reminder this was and I am still not sure why taking your health to a new high makes grounding more important but maybe a healthy persons body makes more electricity than a half dead person's? 

If interested in more info on getting grounded and the many health benefits of it go to and enter your email for a free grounding guide.  It is an on-line class with a lot of video and reading and after completing it, you will know what you need to about the subject.

Now Hiring:  All systems are a go here at FCF.  We did lose a part time employee, if anyone needs some work. You would have to be able to do heavy lifting etc, hard physical labor.  Being the organized kind of person would be a plus.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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