Better, Safer, Cheaper = Win Win 7/27/18

July 27, 2018

Hello Small Farm Enthusiasts,

You can make a small fortune in farming, IF you come to it with a boat load of cash to get started. Capital. Something we are always short on, and this is not only a farming or agriculture issue, any business owner has this to deal with. Most go to the bank and make a loan to get started. The problem with that, as a friend of mine says…they want the money back, ha ha.   Yes indeed they do, that is how they make money and grow their capital. The thing about farming that may be somewhat different is, for example, almost 15 years ago we realized that we wanted to produce “nutrient dense” food instead of just food.  To accomplish this we had to breed a completely different cow. The cows of today have been bred for grain feeding. The dairy industry is based on making more and more milk from fewer cows, and to do this the entire focus is more production per cow. 5 to 10 gallons of milk per cow per day is necessary to make her profitable because big business only allows the farmer to make a few cents profit per gallon. Our model here at Full Circle is different, instead of milking 1000 cows we milk 20, making nutrient dense food instead of lots of it. So we have tried to breed a different kind of cow and this takes many many years. We are getting close, not there yet but well on the way and doing good. But meanwhile we have to keep the lights on and the children fed. I have come to realize that farming is capital intensive, any farmer knows this and most business people as well. Melaleuca, on the other hand, takes very little capital to start and profits me $500 last month increasing to a couple thousand fast. This is real. Most people are saving money on laundry detergent and dishwasher soap and using less chemicals at the same time, plus getting cleaner laundry. Plus I have to do no production, shipping/delivery/inventory and on and on, easy is a word that comes to mind. AND you can use these products 90 days and get your money back if not completely satisfied! So many of you have joined us in this new venture that is supporting the farm and many of you have not yet. Would you take a look at this and join us? This is seed money to expand here and grow and offer more services and products right here on this farm, please consider it. Please watch this: The complete overview ( 20 minutes )   use the password .....roxy.....then email us at and we will get you started. These are not overpriced products, MANY are cheaper and better for you and the environment.

Smaller cuts of beef:  Lately, a customer wanted smaller cuts of our beef. We have not had many people who have asked for this, but we began thinking on how to accommodate this and one thing we came up with was for her to order a whole animal and have the butcher cut and wrap it in small portions, customized the way she wanted it done. Then we realized that a customer that does not want large portions also does not want a whole beef, it's just to much. So, are there any more folks out there that would like to split a beef with this person to get it wrapped smaller as well? If you might be interested in this, email me at Some may be asking why we just do not get some smaller portions wrapped. This would be easy IF we had many people wanting it, but we do not and we really hate to have more plastic waste than necessary.

If you would like high quality beef this fall and want to save by buying larger portions as in half or whole beef let us know, ASAP as we are taking orders now, for fall beef.

New Goat Products: Lily has lots of goat milk now, so has expanded into making buttermilk and has once again tried her hand at making chevre and feta.  We think they are delicious and definitely worth trying and supporting a young entrepreneur. Also, let her know what products you want if you want something, specifically.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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