Buy Products and Support Farms that are Glyphosate(Roundup) Free 5/18/18

May 18, 2018

We are going paperless!  We will no longer be giving you a hard copy of your receipt on day of delivery.  You can easily printout your own receipt or look it up here.  We feel that the majority of our customers would prefer this and it
cuts down on our costs and the amount of trees that need harvesting.

Phone Number Please.  We have started texting reminders on day of delivery, for those who have placed an order.  You will only receive this text if we have a phone number that we can reach you on day of delivery.  Also, we will get in touch with you on day of delivery if we are running late, if you accidentally left something behind after you picked up your order, if you accidentally took something belonging to someone else, the possibilities are numerous. Because of those possibilities it is crucial that we have a phone number that we can reach you  On Day Of Delivery.  That is about the only reason why we need a phone number when you create an account with us.  If you do not have a phone number listed in your account, that we can reach you at on day of delivery please consider editing that information or you can let me know and I will gladly edit it for you. 

Turkeys:   Please let us know if you are interested in a soy free turkey from Eden Farm this year.  They would be $0.50 more per pound, so $7.50/lb. Depending on interest, they will either do Non-GMO, soy free or they will stick to doing what they did last year which is Non-GMO feed that had soy in it.   They would like to know the interest
level before they decide, as raising turkeys without soy takes an additional 2 weeks to raise.  Please let us know by either placing a deposit or just letting us know by replying to this e-mail.

Guardian Puppies for Sale:  $300 and they will protect your livestock from almost day one. These will be ready for a new home in 3 weeks. Jump on it if you need one. We have 5 grown dogs here and could not do without them. They work all night long so I don’t have to. We lose very few chickens or goats or anything else to predators. We
hear them barking a lot at night but it does not even bother us anymore, we know things are in good hands.

New Products: We have a great new beef jerky we are real excited about. 100% grass fed and finished beef, lacto
fermented, tasty and shelf stable. Also, 100% grass fed/finished ALL Beef Dog Food.  Very lean meat with the organs mixed in for the dog's health.

Glyphosate: A LOT of evidence coming out now about roundup (glyphosate) and how damaging it is to our health and the environment. Forward to people everywhere.
Don’t let your friends and family use this terrible chemical or eat foods that are produced with it.  Forward this to them, please.  

Rooney's Blueberry Farm: Several years ago we recommended Rooney's blueberries for many reasons BUT then our 2 year old, at the time, broke out with eczema and we questioned, in more detail, how these "non-sprayed" blueberries were produced. We found out that they used Glyphosate "around" the plants, to reduce weeds. If the
U-pick blueberry farm you are picking at looks like this, then glyphosate is being used. It is so unnecessary and stupid as mowing works and these chemicals are dangerous. We inquired a week ago if they are still using glyphosate and they are so, we still do not recommend them.  Please support someone else and make sure you ask if they spray anything.  We will be picking blueberries at  Scott's U-pick and you can see from these pictures that they only mow between the rows.

A Prayer Need:  Sunday morning I was in the barn milking with Stella. I was very focused on making cream with the new separator when Kyle (our intern) came and with tears said he just got a phone call from his parents and his dad is in the hospital with a head full of tumors. He did not know much more but he and his wife Mallory left shortly thereafter to go to South FL to be with his parents.  Apparently, his dad had balance issues as of late and
the night before was putting his socks on and fell over onto the floor rather suddenly. His mom demanded they go to the ER and of course he was admitted for extensive testing where a tumor was found in his lungs as well. Lung cancer, stage 4 was the concluding diagnosis and  he never smoked a cigarette in his life?!  He is a handyman, working at an apartment complex. Mallory, Kyle's wife, just received her PHD in Physical therapy and they were planning on moving to Kingsport, Tennessee after their internship where she already has a job lined up and where they have a small farm they are hoping to buy.  He would start farming while she works off farm. They are one of the brightest couples we have ever had and just married last fall. Solid faith and Kyle and Mallory have been  on a keto type diet for about 5 years now. They will be working with his dad now, to help him eat right for health and healing. Prayers are much appreciated.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

The Magic Pill was the documentary we spoke about the last letter, please watch it on Netflix, it is really good. study showing the use of chemical cleaners equal to smoking 20 cigs a day………….we know a better way just ask us.

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Alicia Stoltzfoos

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