Coming To An Area Near YOU! 10/19/18

October 19, 2018

Hello Small Farm Enthusiasts,

Find and FCF Event Near You! It seems like a good time to go out and speak about Full Circle Farm and tell how we differ from other farms. If you would like to hear directly from Dennis the farmer, how Full Circle Farm manages their animals, pastures and overall farm to bring you nutrient dense food, let us know and we would love to coordinate a meeting, like the ones happening below:

Dade City/Brooksville: Time and Place to be determined for the month of November.  If you would like to host please let us know.Jacksonville here we come on November 4th. 

 Weston A. Price Chapter Leader, Diane Royal is welcoming us to their monthly chapter meeting from 2 to 4 on Sunday afternoon, emailfor details or visit our website.

Lake City, Healing Strong group led by our good friend Afton Brown is having us back for round 2 on November 12th at 6:30 at the library in downtown Lake City. We spoke there last month and Afton is welcoming us back again, so here we come! Healing with food is something we love talking about, and many of our customers have found us when they were searching for food to heal, so it is a good match for us.

Homeschool Field Trip at the farm! November 29th, 10AM.  This is in conjunction with Healing Strong and homeschoolers of Suwannee County but all are welcome! Come for a deluxe farm tour for free. Justin Rhodes will be here that day and we will have a high old time filming, talking, learning and teaching up a storm, everyone welcome. The tour will go from 10 to noon then sack lunch on the lawn for all who want to stay and visit more.

Tallahassee, Full Circle Farm Event, coming soon.  There has been expressed interest, we just need time and place to firm up and with storm recovery going on, maybe after the first of the year would be better.  

Keep an eye out for this and other events like it on our Events page.We would love to come to your city, let us know if interested.  A library is always a good place to meet, they usually have rooms for free to the public for something like this. We want to educate, teach and tell how we are different from the others. Our mission is to produce the most nutrient dense food possible, and in our talk we will share how do we do this, what it looks like and we want you to taste it. So we will bring samples to share.

What is your Strength? Brad, our South African intern is showing himself a man of many talents. One thing he does on the side is seminars for companies/teams/people who want to discover their skill set/strengths, better. Most times, in these settings or in our marriages we focus on the weak points but Brad helps people find their strengths and focus on those while also focusing on the strengths of others.  This allows everyone " to do" their strength instead of what they are "not good at". It is far far more productive in the long run. We will be hosting a seminar of this sort here at the farm before Brad leaves, the cost of it will be $25 per person and Brad will do what he does best, help others discover their strengths, all are welcome, this will be November 17 th. When we do what we are good at instead of our weak spots our joy is heightened and productivity soars. Here it is in his own words........We are all wired differently. We think differently. Feel differently. Act differently. Even husband and wife can experience exactly the same situation, but have completely different perspectives and reactions to it. Sometimes these differences can be incredibly frustrating as we don't understand our fellow team members, or bosses, or farm partners or family members. Sometimes we begin to wish others were just like us. But if that were true then we would miss out on some beautiful and divergent strengths that exist in the people around us. Our culture seems fixated on weaknesses, and tells us to work on the areas that we are not good at, so we tend to see and focus on the weaknesses in people around us at home or at work or on the farm. But what if we could flip that around? What if we could begin to understand and celebrate the different strengths in ourselves and in people around us? What if we could learn how to play to those strengths to get the maximum benefit for the team or family? That is what Strength's Finder is about - helping us recognize and leverage our innate strengths, and growing in our understanding of the people we live and work with. Brad Anderson, a current intern on the farm all the way from South Africa, is keen to share from his experience in working with this tool (in a church and business settings) in a seminar format. It promises to be a great investment in yourself, your marriage and your farm/work team. Maybe you can encourage a few people to come from your work as a team building exercise, and you can introduce them to really good food at the same time. We are looking at a date in mid November, perhaps the week before Thanksgiving. If you are interested please let us know...  

Bulk Beef: We still have a few 1/8ths left, as well as a couple of 1/4ths and halves available for another month then gone till next year. Get it now if you want the best.

Turkeys:  We have turkeys available, now, and if you buy them in the month of October you will get 5% off of the total cost!  We are offering this discount because both Eden Farm and FCF have full freezers so we are hoping that by offering this discount we can alleviate some much needed space in our freezers.  Also, anyone who would prefer a Heritage turkey please let us know so that we can butcher one for you.  We need to know by Oct. 26th. We will be butchering only the ones ordered on the 29th. They will probably run between 13 and 17 lb. and will need to be cooked as you would a wild turkey. this article on marriage hits several nails on the head

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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