Eat Fat to Absorb Minerals 5/19/17

May 19, 2017

Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts,

Common sense tells you that if you want strong bones and teeth, made of
calcium and phosphorous among other minerals, than eating foods high in
those minerals will give you the desired result.  But, it is not what
you eat that counts but what you assimilate. It is not what you eat but
what you are able to digest or use properly. It MAY be, not about taking
extra calcium pills but using the calcium you already eat. And that
takes healthy fats. Also, the natural forms of calcium we eat often
contain the fats we need. The land flowing with milk and honey was not
only rich in calcium but also the fat soluble vitamins that were needed
to absorb the calcium. That is why milk is called the perfect food, it
has the calcium you need AND the fat to digest or absorb the calcium. Of
course you cannot find a much more perfect fast food either…one that
you can simply drink on the run. On the surface it seems to be common
sense that we take calcium to build healthy bones and teeth but it is
just a bit more complicated than that, it takes fat to digest and
assimilate that calcium. Healthy fats are the key to your body using
that calcium, the key that opens the door to letting that calcium into
your body in a form it can use. Skim milk is all wrong because, while
the calcium is there, the fat is not so it is indigestible or
unavailable to the body. YOU NEED FAT to digest protein too.  When I was
a kid my 5 sisters were having lots of babies and the common joke with
them was 1 or 2 cavities per child, yet Alicia has had 6 children with
zero cavities, what gives?  VERY simple, Alicia's healthy fat
consumption is very high which includes a lot of raw, grass fed cream
and butter. Zero margarine ever and almost zero white refined sugar.
Cavities do not exist in this body because it is well nourished at the
cellular level. Is it also true that she brushes her teeth and flosses
regularly…NO…that is NOT true. In fact brushing teeth has little to no
effect on health of teeth. In fact let me tell you a secret, store
bought toothpaste is 50% sugar!  Yes that’s true, if you rub sugar
around in your mouth every night before you go to bed it reduces
cavities! GIVE ME A BREAK??!!  This is NOT common sense but stupid
thinking. This is not good for us but good for them, really good at
padding your dentists pocket and not so good at padding yours. Compared
to most households in America we do not brush our teeth here and we have
zero cavities in this house. MANY others have told us the same, once
they started eating healthy the dental bills went away. So will the
arthritis, osteoporosis, and many more things. Raw milk is a key to
health, maybe that is why the establishments hates it so??

       In Europe, where true healing is more common, carrot juice is
mixed with raw cream in a 1:1 ratio so that the beta carotene in the
carrot juice can be converted to vitamin A and then easily assimilated
by the patient.  Vit A is fat soluble so combining the carrot juice with
the fat from the cream makes a potent vitamin source.

Tessa is so happy, she not only gets to eat farm fresh eggs but they are also cooked in bacon fat!

A new batch of puppies for sale.  3 of the 7 are already spoken for. 
They will be available for purchase in a month but you can send a
deposit now, if you would like one, contact Lily at:

We have not yet closed on the new land but sure hope to tell you
something other than that by next letter. It is still in the works,
sometimes things take time.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,

Dennis and Alicia

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