Eat Fat to Eat Less and Slim Down 6/2/17

June 2, 2017

Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts,

We have had many interesting comments from our last few newsletters. For
some it is mind boggling that you can eat fat (the right fats) and not
get fat. Yes it was hard for us at first too, to change the gray matter
between our ears! When the food industry and the pharmaceutical
companies have a lot of control over the media and what you read and
hear, what "seems" like truth is actually what is making these big
companies get bigger.  If you want the results of mainstream America:
ill health, obesity, diabetes, cancer, then do, and eat what mainstream
America eats.  If everybody's "doing it" (running off the cliff
together) you should think really hard about going the opposite
direction.  To realize that some fats actually help you lose fat, CLA’s
for instance, goes against mainstream thinking.  A couple things that
helped me realize this truth was when Sally Fallon stayed in our house.
She came and spoke where we were living at the time and we were her
hosts.  I so clearly remember her making her own eggs in the morning in
her bacon grease (she made bacon in the pan first then eggs) and she
stood over the pan shoving the bacon grease over on top of her eggs.
Most people drain as much fat off the bacon as possible, by putting it
onto paper towels, not us, we put it onto a plate to serve and when it
is all gone we lick the plate. Also we use the bacon fat/grease for
buttering toast or for frying anything later, we do not ever throw it
out, we eat every bit of our precious bacon grease………ALL of it. Is our
cholesterol high? NO, in fact, Alicia just had a complete blood panel
done and the doc showed us that everything was well within desired
levels. So we are not fat and our blood cholesterol is good. Are we
headed for a heart attack? No way! and we don't even have to feel
deprived and hungry all the time either (that is what a low fat diet
will do to you and make you unhealthy as well).  A few years ago my
organic farmer brother who had eaten this way for 10 years plus got an
MRI scan and the docs just fussed and fussed about how clean his
arteries and veins were, they said they “do not see children this clean
anymore!” “There was not even anything in the cracks and crevices!”
“Your pipes are more open than most babies we see!”  I have shared this
before but will say it again here, not all fat is the same, most
processed fats in peanut butter or cookies or crackers or cake will be a
problem. Non fat dry milk powder found in skim milk to give it body
will be a recipe for heart attacks and cancer. McDonald's French fries
are the same. Processed fats are dangerous because they are not natural
and foreign to your body and often indigestible, while nature's fats in
raw milk, butter, cream, lard etc are VERY healthy. Now the hard
part…………..overcoming many years of programming in your head. I have the
clear answer for this…………..listen to Sally Fallon on you tube or DVD
until all doubt and fat phobia is gone. 10 times, 20 times or if you
are like me and slowly revert back to your old ways, watch it 2-3 times
per year to keep the knowledge in. Listen to her you tubes on The Oiling of America and Nourishing Traditional Diets
over and over. A few years ago my mechanic watched the DVDs and said
they were a bit slow and boring, RIGHT, EXACTLY!!!!!!  Not like TV where
it changes every ten seconds flashing something new across the screen.
Line upon line, precept upon precept teaching is not that way, so stop
watching TV and start learning, stop deadening your brain and start
turning it on again. Brain dead people do not get far but  those who
learn and grow and change are BEING the change we want to see in
America, try it!

Also a pound of potatoes contain about a gram of fat. That same lb made into French fries about 60 grams. And the same one lb made into potato
chips about 600 grams of fat. The fat and the amount is NOT the issue
but the kind of fat it is. It is not something that your body recognizes
as food, it is what we call a food like item. It is highly processed
food and if you want cancer and heart disease go ahead but if you want
to look good, feel good and think clearly and have a sharp mind into old
age forget it. The simple rule of thumb we live by then is if it is
made by nature or found in nature we eat it without fear, but if made in
a food factory we do not eat it.

So some of you are wondering why you never heard this before if it is
true, well the main reason is that the food factory had more advertising
money than the lowly real food farmer. The food industry is trying to
convince you to eat their food like items and you will not do that until
they demonize the healthy stuff. They spend a lot of money trying to
convince us real food is scary so we want the fake stuff. Buyer beware!

Living Breads Update:

Hello friends of Living Breads,

I’m traveling northeast to Newfoundland, Canada this summer/fall to
continue working on our 100 year old church conversion to a home,
B&B & Yoga retreat center. Some of our first projects will be to
set up Glamping accommodations for visitors that come from far away to
see Icebergs, Whales, the 400 year old fishing culture, & the
amazing Sub Arctic landscape. Our vision is to provide healthy and
inspiring places to stay for our visitors along with the best food
possible, which will also of course include my sourdough breads
products! :)

I want to thank you for all your patronage & support this past year,
and especially thanks to Dennis and Alicia for giving me the
opportunity to serve you. I hope you enjoyed the different varieties of
sourdough breads & related products I made with the intention to
provide the highest quality and taste possible. If you wish to order a
few extras to put in your freezer, please do so as next week will be the
last batch of breads I will make before I focus on preparing for our
journey up north.

Please check my facebook page for updates for online sourdough bread
baking & Yoga classes as well as on location Bread Baking & Yoga
Retreats in Newfoundland, and our plans to come back south in the
winter.  Thank you again and Wishing you the very best, healthy and peaceful summer.


Pork News:

From Ben the pork guy:

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards my truck fund after
the fire that destroyed it. I have received over $500 from ya'll which
is a blessing. Here's a little update about the situation. I am in
process with multiple insurance companies about who will pay for the
chipper rental and my truck which both burned. I am receiving legal
advice. Nothing conclusive has happened either way, and it could be a
while. There is still uncertainty, but I am confident that I am not
liable, and I am moving forward with my life. Meanwhile a friend of the
farm has donated a sturdy red '93 chevy truck to me which has been a
blessing and it is already helping me with farm chores. Thanks for your
donations and your encouragement, I am happy to be part of this farm
family. I'll keep you updated if any big news comes out of the
situation. The money donated so far will go toward some repairs on the
donated truck. Thanks again. 

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,

Dennis and Alicia

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