Excess Omega 6 Fats = Serious Danger for You 6/30/17

June 30, 2017

Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts,

I am reading a 10 year old book by Dr Mercola called Take Control of Your Health and I recommend it. Page 85 has a paragraph I will quote here, “The
ideal ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats is 1:1. Today though, our ratio
averages 20:1 to 50:1. That spells serious danger for you. This out of
balance ratio is one of the most serious health issues plaguing
contemporary society: excess omega 6 fats can  lead to heart disease,
cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes,
colitis, Reynaud’s and a host of other illness”.  http://www.eatwild.com/healthbenefits.htm
has the details of this but basically grass fed is best, the less grain
the better. Chapter 5 is entitled “Importance of Raw Food” and has
anyone else noticed that raw milk is one of the fastest, healthy foods
out there. Recently, at our house, we have been giving mama the day off
from cooking on Sundays, so she can rest more, and I have done a lot of
milk drinking, almost like a mini one day milk fast. Not bad. It is 100%
raw food for one day and it is nutritious plus balanced in the fats,
etc. If anything else yummy comes along on Sunday, which usually
happens, I have no problem "breaking" the milk fast but it is easy and
fast and gives mama a good break from cooking. There was a time, not too
long ago that I could not have lived a day on just milk because it
would have affected my blood sugar levels too much but today that has
stabilized quite a bit. Getting off Fermented Cod Liver Oil helped
stabilize my blood sugar a few years ago and recently we got a new Sleep
E Z bed, at the encouragement of one of our favorite supporters. This
has also made a HUGE difference for me. We were sleeping on a
Tempur-Pedic for 10 years, problem is that ALL memory foam beds are made
of chemicals including the Intelibed which is actually not very
intelligent. These chemical beds shut down your glandular system while
you sleep among other things.  You do not want to spend that much time
on chemicals, trust me. The Sleep E Z is made of natural latex from the
rubber tree and is even available in Organic.   

A dairy breeding bull for sale. Jimmy Elizondo owns
this bull but it is housed and working at Full Circle Farm. He has had
semen drawn several times which is also for sale.  He is half Mashona
and half Jersey which, when bred to Jersey cows will give you one
quarter mashona.  These calves are EXTEMELY hardy and heat tolerant. We
have found the Jersey to stay in the shade in the heat of the day and
suffer but these Mashona’s come from 130 degree desert heat and think
our 95 degrees is no problem. A full Mashona will go out in the hottest
part of the day and graze up a storm, no problem.  So adding a little
Mashona to the herd here has been a great thing. This bull would soon be
breeding his off spring here, so needs to go to a new home.  We have a
little bull coming up, chosen from our best cow that is his son that we
want to use, so the old boy needs a new home.  He is double A-2 and
ready to work all Summer long. They breed in the heat of summer, no
problem at all. The other trait we like about the Mashona breed is that
in Africa, for hundreds of years, they have been put into enclosures at
night because of the huge lions and tigers there so, till they get taken
out to pasture in the mornings and back at night they only have 6 to 8
hours of grazing time.  When they do get to grass they just put their
heads down and eat, no messing around at all, no time to be choosy, they
eat anything that is in front of them and are VERY easy fleshing
animals. The Mashona is not a milk breed so the offspring will not make
as much milk but they will do great on grass. They will be hyped down
which we think works better for 100% grass feeding.  Additionally these
animals have been in a survival of the fittest setting for a long time.
Any animal that became lame was eaten by lions and tigers very promptly
so weakness of any kind almost does not exist in this breed. 

 Mathias, Daniel, Liberty, Christiana showing us some of the blackberries that they picked.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,

Dennis and Alicia

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