Farm Report- 4/24/15

April 29, 2015

Upcoming Deliveries

April 30th: High Springs, 807 Wellness Group-Gainesville, Ocala, Dade City, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, Brandon, Bradenton

May 2nd:  Gainesville/Alachua 441 Growers Market 

May 6th:  South Florida-Boca Raton, Jupiter, Florida Keys

May 7th:  Go Primal Gym-Gainesville, Jacksonville Beaches, Jacksonville-Mandarin

Ice cream, fresh chicken, Organic local Blueberries and puppies oh boy!!

We have decided to hand crank some ice cream for sale as a way to use up some extra cream here. We will serve a basic flavor of vanilla at our customer appreciation day then sell it as a beginning flavor for $15 a quart and $10 a pint.  One challenge with homemade ice cream is that it does not have antifreeze in it so that it wants to thaw on the delivery truck so we are not sure how much ice cream we will sell to you all in Tampa or beyond but maybe we will let you decide on that. The ingredients in our ice cream are:  cream, milk, eggs, vanilla, Maple Syrup and Himalayan salt.  If you have a good low carb recipe we will try it and I hope to offer that soon.  I am with Joel Salatin who says he will “Take his dairy in the form of ice cream any day”.  He also says he is very picky how he eats it.   He has to be alone or with someone.

Organic Blueberries. We have a friend here locally who has 2 acres of Blueberries and they have zero chemicals used in their production,  $7 a lb for the very best in beautiful ripe berries. He is too small to get certified organic but could and in fact is way beyond organic. He uses guineas to debug them and weeds by hand. He will soon have pear and plum olive oil as well, we are excited about these organic crops and will have blueberries here for sampling on Saturday.

Lily and Caroline just finished a bunch of chickens here on cheap feed. Joel Salatin says not to worry about quality feed as chickens on pasture will eat enough grass for the chlorophyll to detoxify the GMO out of the bird.  These birds had young oats to eat, a winter annual that they ate along with other grasses and bugs in the pasture.  This natural feed makes for a healthier chicken and a superb taste. We had less sickness and leg problems than usual  and  they grew so well that they are a bit bigger than anticipated, up to 7lbs! Lily said “those birds ate so much grass their poop was green”.  At $4  per lb this is economical pasture raised chicken and a good option for those of you who are financially tight right now but still want to eat well. This is not purist food.  In bundles of 5 we can go to $3.90/lb and if you bring your family to help process them (has to be coordinated ahead of time) and take 30 or more we can go to $3.80. We would also like to say that some of you might want to raise these yourself and bring them here to process and you will have chicken for even less.  Email me for details on how this works at thisisidennis@windstream.netbut basically we have 5k worth of chicken processing equipment that can be used by you and we are teaming up to put food in your freezer or for you to sell.  Essentially we become the processing plant that you borrow for 1 or 2 dollars per bird, a good way to get started in chickens or to get cheap food to your family.

We have guardian puppies for sale.  The mamma is half Pyrenees with Anatolian Shepard and Border collie the sire was a pure bred Pyrenees.  $250/each.   Our neighbors also have pups for $50 each that have the same sire but the mamma is a mutt.  Email me at if interested.

Customer appreciation day is tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing many of you once again. We have some specials and deals for you on this day. A free dozen eggs donated by our partners Eden farm for every single order picked up on our big day and a 2 for one on yogurt and kefir till it’s sold out. You may place your order on line for pick up at the end of the day or you may come to our booth at the show and order there.

Eat Our Forest-Fed Pork at Cymply Fresh in Gainesville…

We have recently partnered with Cymply Fresh located in Gainesville to serve our forest-fed Non-GMO verified pork.  Their website is If you are local to Gainesville, please consider visiting their restaurant and supporting a local business that promotes farm to table. For a full listing of restaurants in North/Central Florida that offer our pork, please visit

Other News...

Visit us on Saturday May 23rd at the Neptune Beach Farmer's Market....
We will be at the Beaches Green Market in Neptune Beach every 4 weeks starting on May 23rd. Place your order now online to pick-up at this location. The market is from 2pm-5pm and is located at Jarboe Park at the intersection of A1A and Florida Avenue.  The website for the market is  
New Pickup Locations throughout South Florida...
 As we mentioned in the last newsletter, we have partnered with My Organic Food Club ( to begin offering deliveries of our products throughout South Florida.  They are located in Boca Raton so this will be our primary delivery location however they offer additional delivery service up to Jupiter and down to the Florida Keys.  Deliveries are every 4weeks on Wednesdays with the next delivery being on Wednesday, May 6th.  Also, we have established a new delivery location in Vero Beach and the first delivery date will be Tuesday, June 2nd.  Check out full details on our website:
New Pork Products...
We always like to try new things and our butcher recommended that we try Jowl Bacon which comes from the cheek of the pig so we did and we LOVE it.  It is salt cured and wood smoked and is great fried on the stove or baked in the oven. We are also working with the butcher to create a chorizo flavored sausage where we will use a Spanish paprika seasoning so be looking for that soon.  Let us know if you can think of anything that you would like to see from our pork options that we currently do not have and we will be happy to consider it.  Email us at  We also always have half and whole pigs available as well as smaller roasting pigs if you are having a special event.  We have a Caja China (cuban style roasting box) available for rent and we will bring the pig seasoned and ready to go along with the box for you to simply cook and enjoy. 

Thanks for voting with your pocket book and supporting our growing family of farms and budding entrepreneurs,
Dennis and Alicia

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