Farm Update- 6/19/2015

July 3, 2015

FCF Farm News

We really do LOVE visitors and showing people our farm. And we would encourage you to come by and see where your food comes from and make the connection.  We also love helping others who are starting this journey called farming as well. But all life has to be balanced so we are now limiting our farm tours to once per week on a first come first served basis. So the way this looks is the first one to schedule for the week is the one who sets the time and then any additional folks will be given the opportunity to join us at the set time. So if you are passing thru on a road trip do several things to make sure this works out:  First check with GPS or google maps to see how long it takes to get here.  Second, schedule a time with us at least 1 week in advance but 2 weeks would even be better to make sure you get your desired tour time since they are limited to only one per week.  Plan to arrive early as I will be scheduling others to join us and I will start on time. The tour will last up to 2 hours but if you want to do less we can customize or drop off those who want to go one hour and continue on with those who want to see it ALL. Tours start at the scheduled time so if you set an appointment with us and are 5 minutes late you might miss out.   Our next scheduled tour is 1:30 on June 25th.  Check the website for future times or email us and set a time for yourself.

Lily, our first born daughter, is now 13 and besides being Daddy's favorite fill in for milking or moving cows, building fence or discussing the next big farm enterprise she has also been steadily increasing her goat herd.  Lily milks 4 Kiko goats that are rotationally grazed and never fed any grain of any kind.  They are supplemented with Free Choice Minerals and kelp.  The milk is sweet and the kefir is tart and smooth.  Try some while it is abundant!

A-2 testing results are as follows…………..of 25 more animals tested we now have 8 more double A-2, 2 double A-1 (these 2 will be sold) and the rest tested were A-1/A-2. So we now have a total of 12 A-2 milking cows, which is half our herd. What this means is that we are well on the way to a herd of A-2 cows but not there yet. If someone is willing to pay extra for A-2 milk now we may consider it but not anxious to do it at this time, email me personally at

Recently I took a life changing week long retreat intended for personal growth and change called the Hoffman process. We all have issues and we all want to change some things, the question is how bad do you want change. When you are serious about change go to and check it out. If you have questions call the 800 number, they will not try to convince you but let you know who will benefit from this transformational week. This is science based and real change will happen in the week there that lasts into your life after. For me it was a powerful experience unlike anything before in fact I have never experienced anything like it but HIGHLY recommend it to almost anyone and everyone. They have been doing this for 47 years and 80 thousand people have taken it. You will leave a different person and live life more fully thereafter having made peace with your past and being empowered by knowledge of how to deal with life.

Pork highlights... 

We have restocked all pork options and are working to have another batch of the 50/50 back soon which is 50% forest fed non-gmo verified seasoned pan sausage (pork) and 50% grass fed ground beef.  This was a huge hit before so we are excited to be able to offer it again soon so keep your eye out for this to be on the website soon. Finally, we do still have some of the lard on sale (titled- "lard-special" on the site) so get it while it lasts at a discounted price. 

Thanks for being conscious consumers who vote for all things right and good with your pocket book and supporting our growing family of farms and budding entrepreneurs,
Dennis and Alicia

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