Fighting The Government To Be Free To Choose What We Eat 5/30/19

May 30, 2019

We got such a huge outpouring of support after we sent out our last farm report, I felt overwhelmed and did not respond to many of you but want to take the time to do that now. So, we were investigated like criminals and showed up in court with 80% of the approx 100 people in the room there on either a drug charge of some kind or shoplifting. It was an arraignment only or a "plea day" where you make your plea of guilty or not guilty. We were instructed by our legal counsel to plea, "not guilty" and tell the judge we are in negotiations with the Dept of Ag. We did that, and at the time I was thinking we would apply for and get the license needed and pay court costs and move on with our lives. But after it was all said and done and a few days went by I just did not feel as good about  that decision. To make changes in this world someone has to stand up and be counted. If I cave now the dept will treat every other farmer this way. If I push back something MAY change, to do that I feel like maybe I need to tell my story to the judge and find favor with him and perhaps we can see changes here in the over regulation and taxation without representation. See the best blog in the world, below, and see if you agree. When you click on this link go to the blog post called HOME. Read it.  Here is a bit of it cut and pasted for you:
The other big take away is about regulations.  I did not go to Africa or China or southeast Asia where I'm told these are not problems.  But certainly in the European Union and Australia, the so-called highly developed tier, regulations are a major obstacle to these points of light farmers accessing their communities with good product and good practice.

Whether it's the inability to cut a tree or process a chicken and sell it to a neighbor, the "it's forbidden" phrase hangs over the head of every innovative farmer.  Fighting through red tape and just trying to implement the most basic healing options in the farm and food system is fraught with inspections, licenses and bureaucracy.  What started to control the bad guys now precludes the viability of good guys.  "You can't legally do that here"  was certainly one of the most common phrases I heard throughout the tour.  What a shame that good landscape management practice is more often than not thwarted by regulatory intrusion.  It begs the question:  "How much progress could we make if the government just got out of the way?"  More than you can imagine.

If you would, please reread just the bold part again. As your farmer my desire is to produce the most nutrient dense food possible, how do I do that if I have to fight red tape, licenses and being investigated like a common criminal. Please understand, we are being treated like common thieves, not because someone got sick but just because we sell good old fashioned food. For thousands of years people have bought and sold and bartered food and other basic goods without guvmint intrusion. Nowadays, since Monsatan, aka Monsanto, gives big bucks to our FL Ag school and Big Pharm owns our medical schools the influence has led to control and criminalization of some food production sectors that were as good as gold 100 years ago. This is VERY corrupt. The question before me today is do I fight it or let it go. On one hand we are gaining numbers so fast it is heartening. We may win just from keeping on keeping on, on the other hand enough is enough and I want to stand up and be counted. Our freedoms are at stake here.
Here is a story that makes my blood boil:

Please continue to give us your feedback. Let us know what your thoughts are, even if we do not respond know that we are hearing you. Our desire is to have one focus and that is nutrient dense HEALING food production.   Why do you think they hate that so much?
Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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