Goat's Milk Sale and a Giveaway 7/13/18

July 13, 2018

Hello Small Farm Enthusiasts,

Some like it hot, some like it cold…some like it in the pot [3] days old. You gotta love July, because if you love it, it goes by faster. I do not generally mind the heat. I sweat buckets, drink tons of water and shower often. I usually go to the shower after the morning and afternoon workouts in the sauna. I cannot sit on anything until I get
cleaned up. You could ring sweat out of my clothes. But its all good, as I am happy I have the energy to do it. I am really enjoying the new Mercola diet and it is loving me. I eat meat first, then some good fat (cheese,cream
avocados), then some veggies or carb at each meal and I eat it like a 3 course meal, not mixed together, and always in that order. Since doing that, my cravings have gone, my satiation is up and energy amazing. I sleep well and wake refreshed and ready for action. I am clear headed not groggy, and sharp not dull. If I had weight to lose I am sure I would but that has never been an issue with me.  Read Fat for Fuel for more details.

CHEMICALS!!  The boys that are farming the peanut field next to us are obsessed with chemicals. For 2 days in a row with 2 different rigs they have been spraying. And if it is blowing our way we can smell it. Luckily there is
a field between us, but anyway, these guys need to go. Who would eat peanuts produced this way? Is it any wonder that peanuts are almost the top of the list as a serious allergen. I am thinking the people allergic
are lucky…. that way they are not poisoned daily. Peanuts sit in the ground with these chemicals as a bath. Not a bath they get into and out of but one that they LIVE in 24/7. This is a crime against humanity but one that they are allowing, even paying for, and perpetrating upon themselves. You might call it ignorance and I agree, but we live in an information age where people can be informed if they want to be. What are you and I being ignorant of, too? You really have to be awake today if you do not want to be fooled. The video below is another example of
an incredible atrocity. Several years ago a friend told me about this and I thought he was nuts and no one is his right mind would do this, but unfortunately I found out it IS true. They spray roundup on a crop to start the drying process, then in 24 hours harvest the crop for dairy cows to eat and make milk for people to drink??!!  My friend who first told me this said he was asked by a farmer to ride along in the tractor to harvest the crop and the farmer told him this is what they did. I thought there HAD to be a misunderstanding but alas there was not, this is now common practice. 35 years ago on the farm I grew up on we used chemicals, my dad loved them but we would never have done this. Now its par for the course, the way to go, the normal everyday. And we wonder why we have gone from 1 in 200 getting cancer to 1 in 2?! https://www.ecowatch.com/why-is-glyphosate-sprayed-on-crops-right-before-harvest-1882187755.html

 Free: OLD Acres USA and Stockman Grass farmer and Graze magazines to good home. A good box full. Just ask for them and we can deliver on the truck to you or keep here for you to pick up.  And if you have read this far, congratulations, you can get $5 off of your order by using the coupon code: SAVE5.

Goat Milk Sale!  This week only!  Come and get it while its "hot".   To see all goat items on sale, go here.


Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,

Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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