If You Say Your Farm Is 100% Grassfed In Florida, You Must Be Lying! 2/8/19

February 8, 2019

Hello Small Farm Enthusiasts,

Lately we have had several calls asking if our milk is 100% grass fed, and sales are thru the roof.  We have had steady growth for 15 years but this is back to growth like we saw pre 08 recession when it was just nuts to keep up. One caller told us that the farm where he was getting his raw milk told him that 100% grass fed is NOT doable here in Florida and that if a farmer says he is, he is "lying".  So, basically this person was being told by this farmer that there was no choice, locally, to buy 100% grass fed so you better just keep buying from me.  I will admit that Florida soil is sandy and poor.  In fact we started with .05% organic matter in the soil and now have 3%, which is six times as much! So the impossible IS possible if the land is managed properly and healed thru rotational grazing. We have heard that zero grain feeding in Florida is impossible before and it shows how clueless people can be about rotational grazing and the benefits of it. It works, perhaps better here in Florida than some other places, and it does make all the difference. The real crux of the matter is that Big Ag cannot stand it that we little people are making it work and it is working quite well. They still plant crops and till the soil, often losing all organic matter in it and storing up fermented feed.  Jimmy my Mexican friend showed us how to graze more efficiently in Florida, thus improving the soil and it has worked great.  In the end, their cheaper product just is not the nutrient dense whole food that ours is and it will take them so long to change they find it hard to say it can even be done. We are not saying it is easy, who really wants to farm the way people did 100 years ago. But a small family farm is more like it needs to be, at least if it means  healthier food for all and a healthier planet. And when you plant crops and feed grain or fermented feed, the resulting milk is just not the same nutrient dense food.  This year we are feeding very little hay, even in winter, and we are not supplementing with any grain, whatsoever.  Instead, our cows are consuming rye grass and each year the yield has improved to the point where winter hay feeding is needed less and less.  We have been working on this for 5 years now but this year with plentiful rains things have come together for us like never before. And like learning any new skill we are finally getting it down. So life is good here and all systems are go.

Please Help:  We produce the food here, we deliver it to a location near you and you have to meet us there. We know that this is not the convenience of the super market. We know that we are NOT a super market. We do not even try to compete with them in any way, shape or form. No interest. Our food is mostly the type of food that is never sold in a store. Raw milk, sweet potatoes that are not sprayed with Budnip, lard that is not hydrogenated, true nutrient dense 100% grass fed raw dairy, this is the stuff of life. Real food brings life, dead food cannot do that. Your body makes 300 million new cells every single minute, why not give it the building material needed to make healthy ones? That is why you are making this extra special, out of the way,  inconvenient trip to meet our truck.  We know it can be a burden and a pain but the health benefits outweigh those hardships or you would not be making the sacrifice, so thank you for continuing to go out of your way!  With all that being said we have one little favor to ask of you, who pick up orders from our delivery team:  Please check your invoice or "Order Packed" e-mail to make sure that you have received everything in your order before leaving the pickup location. And for those of you who get goods out of a fridge, always double check that you get it all and no more.  Thank you for teaming up with us in this endeavor!

New Products:  FCF 2lb ground beef is back as well as the All Beef Pet Food.And a new ground beef product with 10% pork fat.  It is 90% our FCF burger with 10% pork fat added due to the leanness of the ground beef.  Look for full description here.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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