Labeled Food = Safe And Healthy? 8/9/19

August 9, 2019

Do you struggle to stay focused on meaningful goals? Most people do. You have to fight for what you believe in and not get sidetracked. For me, it has been human health, my own and others. Many years ago I treated people with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids and got some good results but learned quickly that if people do not learn a whole new life style, they will fall off the wagon. Many people I helped, who had good results, went on to going back to the same old slop food and bad health again. Complete change is necessary if we want to end up in a different place at the end of the road. So, for many years now I have had ONE focus to produce food that heals. From there, folks can take it or leave it and it seems like more and more people want it. Our last order cycle was an all time high, right in the middle of summer, which is usually a slight slump time for us, always has been. This is almost scary for us. And exciting too.For many years we have applied for a pet food license to sell our food, knowing this is healthier than what is sold in the stores as human food, but hey, we did not care that much, as we were able to do what we were called to do and you all get food you need.  This year, as we applied on line, it came to a point where it said, "We will be in touch with you soon". So, in a couple days they emailed and said they cannot give us a license till they see our labels. WHAT Labels!? They specified that every single product must have a separate, different label even our dog food if chicken must be labeled chicken and beef must be labeled beef. AND they said that this will help them with the quarterly tonnage reports so they can ascertain how much we owe in taxes, oh yeah, its time to pay taxes.  Human food does not get taxed but pet food does. They see another revenue stream here. What this all means to your farmer is 10 to 20 hours per week plus a lot of expense for label maker and waste of paper to print labels. Now I could see this if we sold in stores, but we are pretty much a private club. We do not even have a store here on the farm, although we would love to but never have had the cash to build it. Alicia and I both work 60 to 80 hour weeks for 20k a year. I am not complaining, I chose this life and do not want to give it up, but at the same time I cannot take on another project like labels. I just do not have the time to do it and Alicia is just as busy as I.  The kids have plenty to do so we are back to employing someone to do all this. Guess what will happen to your food prices? Pet Food License used to be a great loop hole for small farmer's in FL but this completely ruins it. We can do this but the little people starting up are now faced with a lot more hoops to jump through to get started. Sad. Wish we could have a round table discussion or a town hall meeting with the Dept of Ag and talk, but no, its their way or the highway and that is sadly what they want, they ARE NOT helping the small farmer.  That WAS the original intent of the Dept of Ag but they have lost their way, and worse, they have been influenced by the devil called Monsanto. My friend Will, gives me hope.

Sustainable Farming with Horses:  An event in Live Oak, only 15 minutes from Full Circle Farm. We hope to see you there! Farming with horses, an old skill for a better future.When horses were created we believe that God had a plan in mind. Humanity has been using horses for centuries, as transportation vehicles, as helpers in the fields and farms, for recreational activities and most importantly they are companions and friends to humans. Farming with horses is good for the soil and nature around us. Hooves do not compact the soil as tractors do. Horses eat from the ground and fertilize the soil as you work. They need breaks as you go when you can enjoy nature around you. Depending on what you are doing, you work harder, then when they rest, you can rest too. It is pleasant to work with animals.Recreate communities that once existed, who farm for their families, communities, and their neighbors.Objectives of the event: Old School farming- An all-family event to enjoy on a special day around horses and farmers.- Wagon rides on the farm.- Clinics and workshops related to Draft Horse, Harness and equipment horse training,- Vendors spots available on site (please contact us).- Sharing techniques from the past with younger generations, passing down to the next generations for a better future.- We must pay attention to our planet, today and know where our food comes from, acting with respect for the earth, humans, and animals.- Healthy soil, healthy lives!” Contact info,  email and phone (386) 658-1056The link for the event’s website is

Pan Sausage, Bacon and Salt Only Sausage - Conventional Fed:  We bought a couple of pigs from a good friend of ours, who rotationally grazed them, but fed them conventional feed that has GMO grain. We made them into Pan Sausage, Bacon and Salt Only Sausage at a much lower price than our Non-GMO certified pork.  Since we are out of these highly sought after products, we thought this could be a stop gap while we have a month or two before we butcher our next set of pigs.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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