Nourish your Body and Eat Fat 5/5/17

May 9, 2017

Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts,

I lately heard someone make the comment, "all I can think about is
food".  I knew how this person felt as I was once consumed with what I
could or shouldn't eat.  I was constantly hungry and obsessed with what I
was eating, how much and when.  At times it felt as though I could (and
would) eat everything in site: cereal, then crackers, then a bagel with
cream cheese, a big salad, then a bag of candy, then more cereal and at
the end of the day I would take a mental note of all I had consumed and
feel like a big loser just before going to bed.  In the morning, more
likely than not, it would start all over again.  I was on the high carb
roller coaster and did not know how to get off.  I constantly felt
defeated because I knew I shouldn't be eating so much and if I ate
something high in fat I literally felt like I could feel the weight of
the fat already building on my thighs.  I was obsessed about low fat.  I
felt I could eat a bag of "candy corn" or "Skittles" and stay skinny
because they were fat free.  The problem was I could eat the whole bag
of candy and a whole box of cereal and still want to eat something
else.  I was frantic!  This is how I lived in my late teens and early
twenties until I was LIBERATED from my fat phobia.  I met my husband,
Dennis, when I was 22 and he quickly shared with me the teachings of Weston A Price
and the protective factors of butter and fats occurring in nature.  It
was the highly processed man-made fats from cottonseed, soy, canola, etc
that I needed to avoid.  Watching the "Oiling of America"
by Mary Enig, PhD and Sally Fallon Morell made perfect sense and I was
ready to add fat back to my diet.  After many years of believing that
saturated fats were unhealthy and made you fat, adding it back into my
diet was a slow process, as my mind had to adjust to the fact that "fat
was OK".  That was over 15 years ago and I have steadily increased my
"good" fat consumption and I now weigh 5 pounds less than I did in my
twenties, after having 6 babies!  Fat found in nature, made by God, will
not make you fat or unhealthy, it actually unclogs arteries.  Man-made
processed fats found in store bought cookies, snack foods, "Low Fat"
foods that should naturally be high in fat such as mayonnaise, cheese,
salad dressing, etc. all have hydrogenated and/or trans fats.  These
unnatural fats are what make you fat and unhealthy.   As my fat
consumption increased my obsession with food decreased.  I was finally
nourishing my body with the good fats my body needed and was able to get
off the high carb roller coaster.  As my fat and protein consumption
increased the amount of food I ate decreased.  A few years ago my uncle
lost 100 pounds on the Weight Watchers Diet.  He felt great about losing
all that excess weight but he told my sister that, "all he thinks about
is food".  When you are starving from low fat, low vitamins and
minerals all you can think of is food.   The fat soluble
vitamins (found in good fats) are necessary to absorb minerals. Your
body can literally be starving even though you may be eating a lot of
minerals, if you are not eating healthy fats.   Unfortunately, my uncle
has gained almost all that weight back and my dad is also more than a
hundred pounds overweight.  They continue to eat their low fat,
processed foods and degenerate physically but I am thankful to have been
liberated from the "Low Fat Lie" and can honestly say I am well
nourished and satiated with eating three meals a day with no need for
snacking, woohoo!!  6 children later and no need for
doctors or dentists and zero cavities and braces in our family, (good)
fat is where it's at and no wonder why the pharmaceutical companies, the
the AMA and CDC promote low fat, follow the money!  If you are not
absorbing minerals because your diet is too low in fats you will get
cavities, you will get sick and you will get fat! Good fats consist of:
butter, cream, lard, tallow, coconut oil, palm oil, bacon fat and fat
that naturally occurs in meat, olives, avocados, nuts, etc.. If you
would like to learn more, watch the youtube featuring Sallon Fallon
Morell: Nourishing Traditional Diets.

Lake City property for lease.  For anyone interested in leasing 200
acres in Lake City, let us know.  It is rough, cut-over land but the
price is right. Well and power provided just come hook up RV and go for

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,

Dennis and Alicia

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