Pay Now For Good Health, Not Later 3/9/18

March 10, 2018

We thought we would start this newsletter off with a testimonial from a customer that was just e-mailed to us last week:

....By the way, my glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure have all improved drastically since I started eating the food from your farm, instead of ice-cream. Thank you for selling such excellent products!  Triglycerides have dropped more than 200 points and HDL (Good) Cholesterol has increased to 70.  While Total Cholesterol and LDL seem high, they are actually normal when seen in relation to the high HDL, and it has only been 6 months. Fasting Blood Glucose has gone from 105 to 99. My doc had been trying to convince me to take cholesterol and blood sugar medicine, but now she says she has never seen such fast improvement without drugs.

What is so wonderful about this person's story is that he has decided to take charge of his health.  He did not cave into the typical American way of thinking of "Doctor, fix me" so I can continue my addictive way of eating.  No, he stopped eating store bought ice cream!  And replaced it with good fats and protein that are satiating and nourishing to the body.  He is now on his way to experiencing HEALTH which, I am afraid,few people in America know what it is like.  During Alicia's first pregnancy, 17 years ago, she had an appointment with a midwife who

checked her blood for hemoglobin level.  She found that Alicia was anemic.  We found a whole food supplement of iron and once she started to take it, she had energy!  Her comment was, "I had no idea how tired I was until I wasn't anymore."  I think most people are walking around, eating their addictive foods of choice and not realizing how poorly they feel because they do not know how much better they could be.  It reminds me of Joel Salatin's book, Folks, This Ain't Normal

In our house we have reestablished "normal" health that can soar above the clutches of the American "healthcare" system.  We have never paid for health insurance as, quality, life giving, regenerative foods have
been our insurance.  We have chosen to pay upfront for food that will give health instead of take it away.  That is exactly what the customer who shared the above testimonial is doing.  He is not continuing to eat his store bought ice cream and other processed, life-taking foods and thinking that his health is "out of his hands".  He is taking it back from the pharmaceutical companies and the medical system, and the food industry that is in bed with both. 

EGGS:   Lily wrote our last newsletter so I thought I would ask Caroline if she wanted to write this one and she answered with a definitive, "NO".  So, I can tell the story from Proud Papa's point of view. Caroline operated the egg mobile for 2 years when I asked her if she wanted to buy it and she did.  So 6 months ago she paid $1500 (which was all her $$ at the time) for 100 new hens 3 months old. VERY expensive but they were fed organic
feed and looked awesome. Well, now they are laying eggs a plenty and she is regaining her $$ fast. WOW! Learning business first hand at 13. Who needs college? Instead of learning how, just DO?? Not for everyone, but
Caroline is enjoying the learning experience.  These hens eat a lot of spring rye grass and our egg yokes show it. If you can find me better yokes, from another farm, feeding no coloring, I will give you $100. 

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Mar 3rd, 2018

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