The Health Of Our Children And Ease Of Childbirth At An All Time LOW! 4/19/19

April 19, 2019

Refining the art of making nutrient dense food is a quest we are on, here at FCF. I am proud to say that the next generation here “gets it”. To me this is key, as I am hoping my effort does not die with me. We talk about health with our children all the time. It is a subject that comes up easily, as many people we know have all manner of health issues and, unfortunately, it is often people who are the same age as our kids.  We often speak of, "garbage in garbage out" and “feeding” the body and this leads to explanation and discussion of how to make healthy children. My sisters (I have 5)used to say, “a cavity for each child” and the thinking was that this was the norm but Alicia has had 7 (Is baking number 7 in the oven now, actually) and does not yet have a single cavity. No one in our house has cavities or ever has had them, not one, (I was raised on grain fed raw milk)and at this point it looks like it will be a while till we get them, while kids all around us have lots. It is even normal now to have babies with their first teeth rotting out. And our kids probably only brush their teeth once per week if that! And Braces, none of our kids have need of them but kids all around us have them. Why not spend the $5,000 on food (real food, not "food like items") before conception instead of braces? And the messed up face can be fixed but how about the lack of hips capable of birthing children and open pelvis? When we were a month from having number one an older (76 year old) midwife did a pelvic sweep on Alicia and said, “Oh you guys will have no problem having this baby at all!!” to which I replied, “What do you mean? How do you say that so confidently?” She explained that when she was younger she saw more of these nice wide open pelvises but now, in this generation, what she sees is elongated or triangular, but VERY few with perfect oval shape pelvises to let a baby's head come straight through, “perfect for childbirth”, she said.  And we have proven it 6 times with natural births at home, with me being the midwife. I even said once to a customer/friend that knows us well that, “it is a shame that 95% of Americans do not experience the joys of having healthy kids the way we do”, and he corrected me saying, “No Dennis, it is more like 99.9%" and I just cried. I find this very sad indeed.

The (Not So)High Cost of Minerals:  Recently Lily bought a tote of kelp for the goats costing $2200 and change and I thought “wow this goat thing is taking off” (Lily is the owner of the goat operation here) and, with 40 goats and counting, yes it is. There could be a day when the goats utilize this entire land base and we move the cows to a dairy down the road a piece?? We currently milk the cows in my million dollar, whiz bang milking stalls (sarcasm) I built for $150 and this may be obsolete faster than milking goats by hand in milk stalls that are smaller and portable. Anyway, a week later I bought a load of FCE minerals that cost $2243.56 and I saw the irony in the numbers so looked them up and yes, they were almost equal.  Bottom line is, if you drink our milk you prob do not need to take additional mineral supplementation unless you eat a lot of junk a long with it, as our milk is a supplement.

Live Stakes:  We have planted over 3000 trees on our property since we came in 05, but I had never heard of live stakes till a few months ago. Some trees can be planted by “live stakes” which is what looks like a dry stick about a foot long. When I got them in the mail I was of course wondering if I had spent money on dead sticks.  So, we set about planting these sticks with a bit of rooting hormone about 3 weeks ago, and just this week these sticks came alive, producing many buds and leaves. Very exciting! Not many trees can be planted this way but the ones that can, need to be considered if you would like to plant a lot of trees. It is really easy and fast to get a lot planted, quickly. I will share more details on this very soon.

Health Nut: I know some of you think I am be off my rocker for some of the things I send out and I am completely ok with that. I really do not care that much if people think I am nuts, in fact I sort of like it. Let me explain. I do not want the AVERAGE all American health, so I do things differently. I want more, much more, and with my constitution being very bad from birth I have fought for every bit of energy I have and I do not take it lightly. If I see “the crowd” doing something or most people lining up for smart phones, I wait, as I do not want to jump before seeing how things work out first. I see that people have gotten along just fine for a very long time without these things so maybe I do not need one and, so far, I do not. Here is another crazy video. I know its crazy to most of you, but my kids are healthier than yours, so have it your way. Enjoy:

How is your immune function and why you do well to care.

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Alicia Stoltzfoos

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