Thick Cream at Last! 5/31/18

May 31, 2018

Who out there wants to sleep better? Have better skin? Reduce cravings? Less dry eye? More energy? and mental clarity? Need less sleep and wake refreshed and ready for the day without coffee or any other stimulant? More stamina and endurance? More overall health like when you were young and unstoppable? I have experienced all these since reading and implementing a few changes from Dr Mercola’s book Fat For Fuel. I cannot say enough good about this book. We have been Weston A Price followers for almost 20 years now and I did not expect to find something to take my health to the next level, but here it is. Clean living works. We are what we eat and we do well to stay away from chemicals of all kinds. The basic changes I made were eating meat first in my meal, then fat, then carbs, separating the meal into 3 different courses. This helps your body digest more easily and cleanly. Secondly I reduced carb intake to where I am burning ketones (a cleaner fuel) instead of glucose. Cravings gone. Vibrance returned! Try it for 2 weeks and you too will swear by it in no time. The proof is in the pudding.  

Corn free chicken? Recently, a customer requested corn free chicken and we wanted to find out if there was anyone else out there that wanted this? If we get commitments for enough numbers we can do a run of them this fall. In
fact we would love to. Corn used to be 12 to 15 % protein but now is down to 5 to 8. So, when corn drops in protein we use soy (not good!) as soy has issues too. We already offer soy free chicken from our long time partners,
Eden Farm, but now may offer corn free if enough people want them, let us know.  There are more and more farmers around the country doing this, so the feed is available.  Price would be $6.50 a lb.

Cream Happiness!  We are using the new cream separator, which is working splendidly, after we figured out all the ins and outs. We think it is near perfection, let us know if you agree or not. THICK, smooth Cream is what we like to produce  and has been a signature product for years now. We believe the new separator will continue this legacy of health. We think cream and butter are the healthiest products we sell, as well as some of the easiest to eat. Ice cream is something we need to conquer, maybe that is next? Meanwhile enjoy the wonderful thick cream. And let us know any feedback you may have.

Guardian Puppies: We have several deposits on puppies but both males and females are still
available, so let us know if you want one ASAP. $300 each.

Live Animals (Angus, Angus Cross, Cracker, Mashona Cross):

Calves $650 and $750 based on age and size

Pregnant Cows $1200

Breeding Bulls:

$2500 Mashona Bull

$3000 Angus Bull

If anyone is interested in buying any of the above let us know and we will forward contact info.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia 

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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